5 ways to keep recruitment flowing during COVID-19

With the ongoing crisis surrounding the global COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are set to face the ongoing challenge of managing a remote workforce throughout 2021. Recruitment during these times can be especially difficult, but with the right tools, businesses can maintain a positive strategy, even under the toughest restrictions.

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How can I adapt my recruitment strategy to COVID-19?

Maintaining a forward-flow of recruitment is crucial for any business. Whether replacements are needed for staff moving on to pastures new, or entirely new roles are required, the importance of a strong recruitment strategy is key to hiring the best talent.

Implement a clear COVID-19 policy

Business stability is just as important for applicants as it is for existing staff. By laying out a clear COVID-19 policy, incorporating how your business will deal with new/ongoing government restrictions, is key to assuring candidates that your business can remain stable. By laying out these key signals on your company’s website, and in job advertisements, you can ensure that applicants feel comfortable in making the jump into a new role.

Make use of applicant tracking/remote hiring software

Just as in normal times, maintaining consistency during the recruitment process is key to attracting the best candidates. By implementing applicant tracking software to your process, you can ensure that candidates’ information is stored securely, and with ease of access for your hiring managers. This allows for a streamlined recruitment process in which managers can keep in contact with, and narrow down the best applicants for a quicker, more straightforward hiring process.

Keep your brand’s outreach consistent and positive

In order to attract the best talent in your sector, you need to maintain a strong brand image. Making your business attractive by getting ahead of the competition in your branding aspects is crucial to attracting strong candidates. If your company has the appearance of an enjoyable, inclusive place to work, with a positive workplace culture, applicants will feel more confident in pursuing a career with you.

This can be achieved by maintaining social media presence, and outlining key Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in advertisements.

Ensure the best start possible for new staff

Onboarding is key to the recruitment process. Ensuring that new staff get off to the best start possible within your business is key to upholding employee retention. By utilising HR software that is accessible to new starters, or providing them with company updates, newsletters, and relevant training, you can help your new starters become self-starters.

Utilise communication software to keep applicants in the loop

By utilising communication software during the application process, you can keep candidates in the loop throughout.

Video communication software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have been incredibly popular in the business community throughout lockdown. They not only allow managers to keep in touch with their employees, but also make room for video interviewing in the recruitment process. This allows hiring managers to maintain regular contact with shortlisted applicants, increasing the risk of successful recruitment, and enabling the process to be carried out from a safe distance.

In summary

Recruitment is a challenge at the best of times, but with COVID-19 restrictions in the mix, it has become even more so. Thankfully, there are methods by which businesses can maintain a strong recruitment strategy, even in the areas with the highest level of lockdown restrictions. Providing they utilise the correct tools, businesses can promote the security of their brand, and maintain a consistent, straightforward recruitment process, ensuring that they are well set to bring the best talent to their team.

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