Five Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean & Your Employees Safe

As many businesses move to remote working, other companies still have proprietary systems or deal with sensitive materials that require employees to get work done. However, it is critical to ensure that everyone in your office is safe, stays healthy, and is productive while sharing shared workspaces.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Office 33Below are a few tips and best practices that will help keep the workplace clean and prevent the further spread of disease-bearing organisms.

The CDC cleaning guide

The spread of disease might feel unavoidable, but proper cleaning and hand disinfection procedures can reduce and even eliminate the viral count on objects and surfaces around your office. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides instructions on cleaning and disinfection of workplaces.

While you should read and follow the guidelines carefully, some of the critical points you ought to know before you begin include:

  • Make sure high-touch surfaces like keyboards, doorknobs, light switches, and others are regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean and disinfect shared equipment, touchscreens, and digital signage

Have clear signage and communication

Excellent communication is a powerful tool, and one of the best defenses against the emotional and physical aspects of navigating infections. Put in place measures for supporting and reassuring employees going through personal emotions and challenges because of the pandemic.

Some ideas include:

  • Providing concise, clear, and well-worded updates relevant to your industry, location, and work culture
  • Offering support and two-way communication channels
  • Providing signage around the premises to help keep everyone mindful of their safety. The CDC has several resources that you can use

If some of your team is working from home, make the transition easier by:

  • Providing consistent communication
  • Using consistent tech for video conferencing, collaboration, and project management
  • Have all spaces in your office, shared and private, clean always
  • Create internal communication channels using programs like Slack to keep everyone updated
  • Encourage online get-togethers in the form of happy hours, team lunches, and group downtime through video calls regularly
  • Check with the team early in the day and have a good idea of what everyone is working on
  • Promote a work-life balance

When getting back in the office

If part of your team has spent time working from home as a preventative measure, use their transition period for instituting hygiene solutions and practices. The actions you put in place will also help reduce the spread of colds and viruses. Some ideas include:

  • Increasing the availability of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes and make sure that everyone knows how to use them effectively. Unscented lotion in your premises will keep everyone’s hands from drying out due to constant washing – and encourage regular wiping of high-touch surfaces.
  • Consider installing amenities that reduce touching. For example, a double-swinging push door and motion sensor lights help lower the viral count in high-traffic areas.
  • If your office implements a flexible seating policy, require employees to clean surfaces, workstations, and equipment when they leave or move to a different position.

Hire professional cleaning services

Professional cleaning companies are in a unique position to help keep your office clean and free of contaminants. These companies employ various strategies to ensure your employees and customers stay safe, including:

  • Utilizing top-of-the-line CDC-recommended and EPA registered cleaning products that clean and disinfect porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Using a detailed checklist that ensures high touch areas are thorough cleaned
  • Training their employees on the proper cleaning and disinfecting process for each surface
  • Using newly laundered and fresh cleaning supplies to prevent the spread of disease-carrying organisms
  • Outfitting employees with the correct PPE’s


With these guidelines, you can confidently help your employees stay in a clean and safe office environment. If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning your office premises, contact the cleaning professionals.

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