Keto Diet What is it? Can it help with weight loss?

Thesis statement: Obesity affects numerous people across the world. Losing weight isn’t easy, and we know that, which is where the ketogenic diet can help. The keto diet is more than a diet; it is basically a lifestyle change. So, in this article, we’re going to talk about the keto diet, what it is and how it can help you in staying healthy. So, read on to know all about it!

Obesity is a global issue seen in all regions of the world. Obesity can have hazardous effects on your health and cause diabetes and heart and kidney problems. Research has proven that obesity is a leading cause of diabetes and deaths due to coronary diseases.

The social point of view is that all body shapes and figures are beautiful and accepted. In terms of our health and personal lifestyle, obesity can cause several issues. As we know, losing weight can be quite challenging. To combat obesity, nutritionists and doctors recommend keto diet plans to their patients. Patients with heart and nervous diseases, as well as diabetes, can also benefit from the Keto diet by decreasing their symptoms.

What is a Ketogenic diet?

Keto or ketogenic diet is a term used for a low carbohydrate diet. The body undergoes a series of reactions in which it utilizes the body’s own protein and fat deposits for metabolism and other physical activities. It is a perfect diet plan for people who want to lose efficient amounts of body mass organically in a short time.

In the Ketogenic diet, the body enters a state known as ketosis, in which we supply our body with a low sugar diet (protein and fat-rich). Our body usually enters ketosis within 3-4 days, and then, with scheduled starvation, we can allow our body’s metabolism to consume protein and fat deposits naturally. It is to be mentioned that the Ketogenic diet cannot be adapted as a prolonged diet plan as it can cause malnutrition and other diet-related deficiencies/ diseases in the body.

A walk through Keto diet

When you plan to incorporate the keto diet into your routine, you should consult with your Nutritionist and ask for their advice. See your doctor if you have recurring heart or liver problems. Apart from that, the keto diet is safe and very easy to follow, here are some tips on following a keto diet.

Low carb consumption

To begin with keto diet, you need to cut your daily sugar intake down to 30-40g a day. With this, your body will enter an induced sugar starvation state. Sugars are our body’s natural go-to energy source, as they provide us with glucose without much effort. But when our body enters ketosis after 3-4 days, proteins and fats are the energy source for our metabolism.

Sugars in any form are to be avoided in this diet plan, including sunflower cooking oil, sugared drinks, and sweets. Similarly, experts recommend incorporating the use of ACV with your keto diet. This way, we let our body burn its own fat and protein reserves. However, if you don’t like the sour taste of ACV, you can easily use apple cider gummies that are tasty to eat but contains all the goodness of raw ACV.

Protein and fats rich diet

The diet consumed during the ketogenic diet mainly comprises proteins and fats. This is to help the natural ketosis our body is going through. To understand this better, when we stop providing our body with easy-to-burn sugars, it resorts to proteins and fats for energy.

If we provide our body with large amounts of sugars again, then the ketosis will turn off; that is why protein and fat-rich food are consumed in the keto diet to keep the body in ketosis. The food consumed would depend solely on you, whether you prefer meat or a vegan diet. If you keep a balance between both your meat and greens consumption, then you will see efficient results in a short time.

Increased Metabolism

Shaping your body during ketosis can be very easy and effective if your focus is on burning your body’s excessive fat reserves. Our body, during ketosis, has an increased metabolic rate than usual, which makes it very easy to burn calories with exercise.

A daily cardio routine could be sufficient with this diet to keep you healthy with good results. If you’d like to train your body muscles and hit the gym, you can do so with this diet plan. In simpler words, keto diet keeps your metabolic rate high, which can effectively train your muscles and lose body fat.

Supplementary diet

A ketogenic diet is very beneficial for the body and can help suppress many illnesses. But it can backfire if it is prolonged or followed without proper observation. A Keto diet can cause many deficiencies in the body. To overcome this problem, use dietary supplements to compensate for the food you aren’t eating in this diet. Because improved digestion is one of the benefits of apple cider vinegar, a perfect combination of daily supplements can make ketosis beneficial for you. Along with them, the regular use of ACV water also helps keep you fit and healthy.


In conclusion, ketogenic diet has many positive effects on your health, and it’s highly effective at helping you lose weight. The ketogenic diet is good as it gets unless prolonged or unobserved.

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