Few Key Factors to Keep in Mind about Men’s Grooming & Self Pampering

If you still believe that being unkempt is proof and sign of your masculinity, then you are probably living in the old days. Today’s men and women both have a soft side for well-kept and well-groomed personalities.

That does not necessarily mean you’ll have to book mani-pedi appointments every week. Some simple to follow and regular day usable grooming tips will be just enough for you to become desirable not only the opposite gender but also to your self.

Today we’ll be talking about a few key factors to keep in mind about men’s grooming that are simple to include and effective in the long run.

Why These Are Important To Keep In Mind?

Self-grooming is not just important for women but also for men. It has nothing to do with male-female propagandas.

Anybody would want to have their first impression great on someone. Maybe a date, or anyone they meet during the moment. We are constantly being judged by our looks and that’s not something right, to be honest.

But even the most less judgmental person you meet will at least for once have a look at how well you maintain yourself. And that has a lot to do with your everyday grooming rules. So, knowing about some good habits and disciplines to not necessarily become beautiful outside but to maintain a deserving personality is what you should be considering men’s grooming.

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On That Note, Let’s Talk About That Whole Thing…

Follow CTM Routine

Now, what does CTM mean? Well, don’t worry It’s a short form for three skincare essential steps that we are guessing you already know. We are talking about cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. This golden triangle matters to be maintained by both men and women’s skincare.

You are already exposed to the worst amount of cigarette smoke, pollutants, pollution, and car exhaust regularly whenever you step outside your home. And these are best friends with various skin related problems fast-forwarded to damage.

Also, men’s skin is a lot more oily and thicker than women. As a result, you need something effective to work as your everyday cleanser. Once you are done with getting rid of all the dirt and grime through cleanser, time to go for some toning.

This thing gets your skin’s pH back to normal. In some cases, they add extra hydration. Any regular rose water potion will be just fine to use as a toner. Finally, to get rid of that dry, flaky, and cracked skin, you end up the session with a good moisturizer.

If you tend to feel tight and dry with your skin usually, go for something thick consistency. Lightweight and no oily formulas are good for those who have more normal to oily skin.

Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen

The number of men who ignore this stuff is a lot. And that isn’t good news by any means. You see, sunscreen can not only protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays, in the long term it can prevent the chances of skin cancer as well.

You need something that comes with at least 30 SPF. There are both chemical and physical sunscreens available to choose from depending on your preference. Make sure you just don’t limit the sunscreen for the face but other exposed body parts as well. Such as your neck, ears, hands, and feet. It’s best to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you leave your house.

Your Beard Has to Be Clean

Beard is one of the best style statements for men these days. However, once you decide on having a beard that compliments your macho self, you must also take the responsibility of keeping it clean.

Well-shaped, nicely clean and style beard is one of the finest looks for men. However, the thing looks exactly the opposite when it’s not clean. You and your loved one having a moment, and suddenly the itchy bread ruins everything. Even if they don’t say it, the other person is surely not having their best time yet.

Today electric shavers are the best to maintain a good beard grooming routine, according to getarazor.com. Follow the basic hygiene measures well. Wash the beard every time you cleanse your face or simply do shampoo. Just make sure not to use too much shampoo nor do it for too long. That will make the natural beard oil vanish completely and dry it out. Use some sort of nicely fragrant beard oil for the perfect impression.

Visit Your Barber More Often

If you need to trim your hair, don’t keep it for tomorrow. Go to your favorite barber and get it done. Trimmed and nicely shaped hair will give you a clean look. You can also try new haircuts to give it a change occasionally.

Your preferred hairstylist will have a look at your facial shape and hair type to determine what cut would look best on you. However, don’t limit yourself by not trying some challenging looks. Try different haircuts and see if you can pull it off. If not, maybe next time you’ll avoid doing that, and if yes, then you got another suitable look down your attention.

Stick with Hair Products That Works Best for You

Just like how one size shirt won’t fit every man out there, a shampoo that your friend said is wonderful might not suit your hairs very well. Those who have thick and unruly hairs, find a suitable pomade or wax for it.

On the other hand, if you have pretty fine hair, try hair product that is light in consistency and does not weigh your hair down. These products will help you style your hair regularly and give you a much neater look.

There’s no alternative to researching yourself. The more you look for information based on your concerns, the better chances of hitting the right shot.

Figure Out a Signature Scent for Yourself

One thing that men do follow and care about is fragrances, body deodorants, and perfumes. Even the laziest to grooming guy will have at least one deodorant in his table. However, we are not encouraging you for that.

Any random scent will only be enough to cover the fact that you didn’t shower for two days. We are talking about the ones that are more than just enough. The ones that will enhance your impression of the people you meet every day.

Figure out a fragrance that matches your taste and goes well with your personality. Wear it as an extension of your identity. Whenever you enter the office, they’ll know from your smell that it’s You! That impression is very strong, believe it or not.

The smell is one of the most highly effective things that attract other people. We are not saying girls will start flying towards you like those unrealistic TV ads. But a nice and unique fragrance will surely make a strong statement for your impressions on other people. And so, you should be mindful of smelling nice.

The smell is one of the five basic Human senses along with sight, touch, hearing, and taste. That is why smelling pleasant is an important aspect of personal grooming.

Avoid Bad Breath

Eyes are surely the window of ones should. But do you know that your character’s gateway is your mouth? Bad breath will highly give negative guesses to the person you are around with. Not to mention, how embarrassing that is.

So, bring your electric toothbrush and let it work a bit hard from today. Make sure you take your time to clean your mouth and brush your teeth. Don’t forget a fresh smelling mouth wash after that.

No to Monobrows

Eyebrows are hardly a big hassle for men to solve. Unless you have a monobrow. If your eyebrows weirdly meet in the middle, you need things to do. The strands that are apart from the main body of a slug, naturally get rid of them.

Plucking usually takes quite a lot of time. You can ask your barber to tidy them up. Some nice barbers offer it themselves and you may find one if you’re lucky.

Wrap Up

And these were a few key factors to keep in mind about men’s grooming. As a final piece of advice, we would tell you to not take the whole personal grooming thing as something about other people.

Think about your self. You deserve to look good and that’s why you are practicing some nice grooming habits. And at the same time, you’ll feel somewhat nice about yourself when someone random compliments you about how well maintained you keep yourself. After all, no matter if you are a male or female, compliments are the nicest gifts to have and feel better.

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