Key Technology Every Law Firm Should Be Using

Just as laws are always changing, so too is technology advancing. Although keeping up with both can present a challenge, taking advantage of key technology can make your practice much more efficient as well as profitable. Here’s a brief look at some of the technology you should be using and if you are not, it’s time to explore the possibilities each has to offer.

Law firm key technology image cc 33The Internet as a Client Magnet

By this point in time, there are few law firms without a website. However, how is your website performing for you? Is it designed with legal teams in mind and have you hired an industry-specific SEO team to draw in clients ready to contract your services?

Bear in mind that Search Engine Optimization is heavily embedded in the strategic use of competitive keywords for your market. Whether you are a family law firm or a team of corporate lawyers, optimized keywords with the right amount of competition are integral to getting potential clients to your website. Here is where it pays to hire a specialist Law Firm SEO Agency that can attract the traffic you need, ready to employ you as their legal team.

Video Conferencing

It often becomes necessary to meet with clients, the opposing team or even with judges but one or more parties to the meeting are logistically unavailable. It could be a client in the hospital or an attorney out of town for a trial in another county. Whatever the reason, video conferencing is an integral part of today’s legal proceedings and some witnesses even appear via video communications.

This is one bit of technology you are probably using, but are there better video conferencing platforms out there? It pays to stay current, if for nothing else, for safety and security, which is vital in legal proceedings!

Cloud-Based Document Storage

While you are probably already using document templates, storing them in the Cloud can be a lifesaver when in the field. Perhaps your paralegal is taking statements from witnesses or you are at home and in need of a document to print before trial in the morning.

Cloud-based documents and templates are time and cost-efficient and if you aren’t storing them in the Cloud, this is technology you really should research. You might also want to research the line of cloud security platforms to keep all information free from being breached.

Document Scanning Devices

You are probably using those card scanners at the front desk where receptionists and office staff quickly scan ID cards and credit cards easily without walking to the copy machine. Those are amazing pieces of technology that save time and effort but are you using mobile document scanning technology? Imagine having your PI out in the field taking statements.

How great would it be to have the wherewithal to scan IDs and police documents on the scene? Again, this is another bit of technology every law firm should be using.

From attracting a larger client base with a website and an expert SEO Law Firm Agency to making life easy with digital document scanning, storage, and retrieval, technology is the answer. If you aren’t using any of these technologies, it’s time to see just how they can benefit your firm today.

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