Key Tips For A Successful Marketing Blog

So if you love writing and marketing and want to write about marketing, great, then you can start a marketing blog. Your readers can learn all you know about marketing and interact with you on the subject. Here are some tips to ensure your marketing blog is successful.

Choose The Right Platform

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With any blog, finding the right platform is the first challenge. There are various options out there, from WordPress to Tumbler. You must choose one that works for your intended market and your budget. There are a few online video tutorials that can assist you in choosing the right platform. After all, you want to make it easy for your readers to find you.

Market Well

This may seem redundant, considering that your niche is marketing, but you’d be surprised how easily we can forget to market ourselves. You can interact with other bloggers and comment on their blogs which will lead back to your blog.

Please use your social media accounts to market the blog and what it’s about. There is so much more you can do, but the point is people need to know about your blog.

Keep In Mind That The Content Is For Your Readers

A blog is not a diary, so you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for people who will hopefully share your blog with others and give you more traffic and sales. Generate links with high SEO benefits, not only for the external pages but for your site. Ever notice how you may be reading about real estate but find yourself clicking on a link to an online casino. That’s how accessible your blog should be.

Be Informative

In our age, information is priceless, so make sure you uniquely offer useful information. Even if you are selling a product on your blog, don’t just punt the product but give product information that is fun and creative. For example, ‘keep this eye cream away from cats, it won’t harm them, but they may want to eat it all because of the coconut milk.

You are entitled to your opinion; ensure it’s backed by thorough research. Your readers will spot this the first time they encounter the blog.

Be Different

Blogs with a higher click-through rate are more likely to be shared by visitors and will eventually rise in google search results. So make your content unique and personal, and share new product launches with the readers. If you attend industry events and share your experience and thoughts, it’s easy to repeat information but adding your personality makes it unique.

You can also have mini interviews with industry leaders on your blog and add video tutorials to keep things interesting for your readers. Have compelling headlines, 80% of readers will read the headline, but only 20% will continue reading the article.

Be Consistent

Frequent posting is unnecessary as long as quality content is consistent with when you post. If your blog is weekly or fortnightly, then stick to it. Don’t confuse your readers with random posts in between.


Blogging is not new; it just evolved over the years, blog marketing has shown to increase lead flow by over 200%, and you can use this to your advantage. It has been proven that blog companies accumulate 60% more customers than those who don’t. You can check these platforms for inspiration for marketers, HubSpot, and Moz blog.

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