Kitchen Layouts for Classic Designs

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. This means it attracts a lot of traffic and it requires more attention and maintenance than any other room. So, when it comes to remodeling, it should be the first room to focus.

Kitchen layouts

A newly renovated kitchen will not only add value but functionality as well. Some people believe remodeling a kitchen means just updating cabinets, countertops, and appliances. However, this is a common misconception.

Remodeling a kitchen involves changing the flow and plan of the kitchen. The most crucial aspect to focus on is the floor plan. By hiring professional help for kitchen renovation in Mississauga, you can completely change the layout of your kitchen.

There are different types of kitchen layouts. Here is everything you need to know about them.

U-Shaped Floor Plan

It is one of the best layouts for large kitchens. In this plan, cabinets are placed along three adjacent walls, forming a U shape. It is a great and popular layout as it offers ample storage space. Working in such a kitchen provides a lot of room for the cook to prepare meals without any hurdle.

In case, you have cabinets along the three walls, it will become extremely congested and enclosed. So, to avoid this, you must mount cabinets on one or two walls.

L-Shaped Plan

It is the most commonly used kitchen layout. In this layout, the appliances and counters are placed on two adjacent walls, hence, forming an L-shape. This layout is perfect for small spaces as it provides an efficient place for cooks to work and at the same time, interact with guests. It creates the work of a triangle naturally. Besides this, you can easily add seating arrangements in your kitchen. The only problem with this layout is difficulty in reaching the corner cabinets.

G-Shaped Layout

This layout is quite similar to the U-shaped layout but with just a few changes. Just like the U-shaped layout, there are three walls of cabinets and counters. However, in the G-shaped floor plan, there is a partial wall of appliances or cabinets.

Galley Plan

In small apartments, homes, and condos, the space is limited. This where galley layout comes in handy. Though this style is outdated, some people still prefer it. This layout doesn’t go well with the open plan living.

In this layout, the workspace is only big for one cook. Also known as corridor layout, the cabinets are positioned in two rows, facing each other. This creates a passage or a corridor between them.

A wonderful thing about this layout is that there is no corner cabinet, meaning every space is used smartly.

One-Wall Layout

As the name suggests, all the cabinets, countertops, and appliances are placed along one wall. The best thing about this layout is that it is perfect for both, large and small kitchen. If you want to have a kitchen that is free of hurdles, this is the best choice. It offers open space for everyone to easily move around.

Also, it is the easiest layout to plan, design, and execute. The one-wall kitchen will not cost a lot since all the mechanical services are focused on one wall.

However, in this layout, you have limited counter space. The space is limited, so seating arrangement is hard to include.

Island Floor Plan

The Island floor plan is an excellent choice for kitchens. It is because the layout offers a huge space for work and storage in the center. The best thing about this floor plan is that it helps improve other layouts. It will help by dividing the kitchen into smaller working spaces, so you can have ample space for movement.

According to this plan, islands can be the main space to enjoy your meals with family or it can be used for preparing your meals. You can add a prep bowl, cooking area, and wine fridge as well.

Peninsula Layout

In this layout, you will be adding a peninsula to your kitchen. In simple words, you will be having an island that is joined with the rest of the areas. It will form a horseshoe type of shape or can be a U-shaped kitchen layout without the wall.

This is the perfect choice if you have a small kitchen but want to have an island for working or eating.

There is a wide Spectrum of layouts for you to choose from. We hope this post helps you make an informed decision.

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