Choosing a Knitting Yarn from an Online Yarn Store

If you’re an experienced knitter, you should already know by now that the yarn completes the project. But what if the local store doesn’t have the right yarn for your project? This is when you need to extend your search and look for an online yarn store instead. The only challenge when you shop online is that you won’t be able to see or feel the yarn until it arrives at your doorstep.

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Most importantly, there are so many factors you need to consider when selecting a yarn. If you choose to ignore them, you might end up completing a scarf or a sweater that you absolutely hate.

How to choose the right pattern from an online yarn store

For you to choose the correct yarn for your pattern, below are the things you should follow:


Choose the yarn from an online yarn store based on gauge. Online yarn shops usually include the gauge in the product description. Be careful, though. Just because two different yarns have the same gauge doesn’t mean that they will function the same way. The gauge will affect the outcome of your knitting project.


Choose the yarn based on weight. Some yarn weights perform better than other yarn weights depending on the project. For example, cobweb or lace is best if you’re making doilies, while fingering is best if you’re knitting socks. And talking about weight, make sure that you’re using the correct needle size and hook size for your yarn.


Choose the yarn based on its drape. When choosing from an online yarn store, you should think about how you want the finished piece to hang. If you want a dense drape, choose a very thin yarn. But if you want a more relaxed drape, choose a thicker yarn, and use large needles so you can create stitches.

Your Pattern

Choose the yarn that your pattern recommends. Most patterns will recommend working with a specific yarn. It’s important that you take this seriously. If you use the wrong yarn, it will compromise your project, altering your pattern. You might end up running out of yarn. To avoid this, buy extra yarns.

How to choose the right yarn based on color and texture


Choose the yarn based on piles. We know that yarn is made up of strands, twisted together to form piles. So, if you want to make your stitches stand out, make sure to choose a smooth and plied yarn in a solid color. The thickness of the yarn depends on the thickness of the plies are, not on the number of plies you have. Choose a simple pattern if you’re working with a wide yarn.


Choose the yarn based on its color. It can be counterintuitive if you’re working with colored yarns. The more colors your yarns have, the simpler the stitching should be. Novelty colors or bright colors will hide or distract complicated work, so you need to consider this when choosing a colored yarn to use for your pattern.

To make the texture and shape of your project pop, choose a plain, solid yarn. To work with Fair Isle patterns, choose smooth plied yarns in contrasting colors. If you want a subtle watercolor technique, choose a hand-painted yarn. But if you’re just a beginner, start with simple yarns. It may be difficult for you to use novelty yarns if you’re just starting.

Fiber content

Choose the yarn based on its fiber content. Some yarns don’t have enough elasticity. They may not work with the pattern you’re hoping to use. Check with an expert for an elastic thread to edge your pattern. Since you’re shopping online, make sure the online yarn store offers this feature.

To help you decide, here are some things you need to know:

  • Silk and cotton yarns have very low elasticity.
  • Animal fibers are lightweight and warm, and they’re perfect for making accessories like gloves.
  • Plant-based fibers are durable, and they’re perfect for summer and spring clothing.
  • Cashmere is durable and lightweight but is also more expensive. It’s perfect for shawls, sweaters, and scarves.

Use your resources to choose the right yarn from the online yarn store


Use samples so you can choose the right yarn. If you’re working on a project, check out some samples from the online yarn store. These samples can give you an idea of how you an idea of which yarn works best with your pattern. It will also show you how the final product will look like.

Ask questions

Some online yarn stores should have online experts you can contact whenever you have questions. If you know the right questions to ask, then you should be able to choose the right yarn for your project. Below are some of the questions you shouldn’t hesitate to ask:

  • Will the yarn stretch?
  • Will it pill?
  • Is it easy to work with?
  • What needle size should I use?
Make your sample swatch

If you already have a yarn, but you’re unsure if it’s perfect for your project, then try to test it out. You can knit a 10 cm x 10 cm swatch to see how it will look like. If you want to check the draping, you can make your swatch larger.

Since you’re testing the swatch, don’t be afraid to wash it, crumple it, and then hang it on the wall to see how the yarn will react. If it doesn’t perform up to your standards, then you can try a different option.

Check out the price

Yarns don’t have to be expensive, but if you’re using high-quality yarn, it will create a higher-quality project. You shouldn’t compare the yarns of different materials, because silk yarn will always be more expensive than wool yarn. Instead, compare the yarns of the same material. If you can’t decide between two yarns, you should choose the more expensive one. This guarantees a higher-quality result.

Choosing a yarn from an online yarn store allows you to conveniently purchase the right yarn for your project. It saves you the time and effort you would have exerted if you visited a local store. It also helps you land in good deals—thanks to the discounts and promotions many online shops offer. Make sure to follow these tips for a successful knitting project!


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