Know Your Flow Objectives before Ordering a Biogas Flow Meter

It is not an easy way to just order a flow meter and then sit relaxed even if that meter is for measuring a specific flow rate. The main aim of the business is to identify the right purpose for why a flow meter is being bought. You must be aware that flow measurement is the quantification of bulk movement of fluid through tubes or pipelines. Although flow can be measured in a variety of ways, each type of flow has its own characteristics and therefore needs specific types of flow meters.

For instance, the Coriolis flow meter is suitable for measuring mass flow movement of liquid such as palm oil, syrup, water molasses, crude oil, milk, asphalt, etc. They are high-accuracy meters and are currently used in most industries. They can be both small and large size depending upon the use and you need a professional engineer or technician to suggest a suitable one for your unit. 

If you need a flow meter for ultra-low flow applications like a few grams per hour to a few kilograms per hour, you need small Coriolis flow meters. The low flow flow meter as they are called is compact, lightweight, and made out of high-quality materials so that there is hardly any interference in the flow of liquid. 

Get Technical Guidance from the Official Website

If you are in doubt or are confused about the type of flow and need technical guidance in choosing a suitable flow meter you may contact Silver Automation Instruments China. They are one of the largest manufacturers of flow meters for clients worldwide and have the most modern equipment and research center with a skilled workforce on the job. 

Low-flow meters for gas employ the thermal dispersion principle. It can be used for accurately measuring low-flow mass for gas or air. You may find information also for the LC-M Series Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter that can detect ultra mini liquid flow as low as 0.5 ml/min. In the end, you have to know about the flow of your liquid, gas, chemicals, etc to choose a suitable flow meter. 

You should be careful because a wrong product can ruin your measurement and this will affect your productivity and quality. It is generally seen that there is no room for mistakes to occur especially on the measurement stages. 

Biogas Flow Meter

The biogas flow meter is used for measuring the biogas flow rate. They are usually measured with the help of a thermal flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter, differential pressure flow meter, etc. However, before placing an order for a meter, you must give the details of your need to the manufacturers. The flow meter manufacturing company needs to determine the size of the gas flow sensor that is used. Again, they would need to know whether it is possible for a flow meter to be larger than the pipe size or smaller according to each particular need.

You must also provide details to your manufacturer on the type of process connection, temperature, and pressure of the flow of biogas. Last but not least you must inform as to the purpose of the flow meter as it may be used for digital display, remote display, hart protocol, pulse output, etc. 

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