Women Wearing Lace Front Wigs Make 10 Common Mistakes!

If you have never worn a lace front wig and you have not learned how to wear this beautiful and natural style properly, you can really make a lot of mistakes. When you take the time to learn about the different cap styles and how to wear them, or how not to wear them, you can ensure a more positive experience the first time you wear your lace wig. You can even help make it last longer!

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Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

Not just for people who have lost their hair or are experiencing some hair loss. Many people who still have beautiful hair choose to wear a wig to change their style or enhance their appearance.

Many celebrities like Beyonce, even everyday people, wear wigs in addition to their natural hair to create unusual styles. Although most mistakes are made by men and women who have never worn a lace wig before, anyone can easily fall prey to these mistakes:

1. Wrapping your hair

It is important to wrap your hair very close to the scalp, otherwise the wig will be visible. Don’t leave loose ones that can come under your hat or stick.

2. Lace distance from hairline

Be careful not to put the lace front too close to the hairline as the hair will fall out. The lace front needs to be cut 1 ½- 2 inches from the hairline for the best results. If the lace front is cut off incorrectly, the hair will fall out and no longer look like natural hair.

3. Cut hairline correctly

You will want to make sure that the hairline is cut correctly, otherwise, it does not look like a natural hairline, which is why people prefer lace front wigs. If you don’t know how to cut a lace front or know how to go to a professional hairstylist.

4. Use the right glue

Many first-time customers apply the wrong glue to their lace front. Please be advised that proper glue needs to be applied, and make sure it is completely dry, this process may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

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5. Look after your wig

Don’t miss out on taking proper care of your wig. To keep your lace in good condition, you need to wash and style your hair regularly; but not often.

6. Color

Make sure you choose the right color for your wig. We have a great guide on how to choose the right color wig.

7. Density

If you find a wig that has a lot of density, your head will feel heavy and sore and it will be clear that you are wearing a lace front. When shopping, please make sure you keep in mind how much density you want in your wig, or an experienced stylist will consider thinning it.

8. Matching the wig cap

A common mistake is finding a lace front wigs human hair that is not well-made and does not match the wig cap. Make sure your eyes stay natural so that you pay close attention to the wig you are buying.

9. Heat resistance

Just because lace front wigs look natural doesn’t mean they are. Beware of heat styling even with very natural-looking artificial hair. There are plenty of heat-resistant synthetic wigs!

10. Washing and storing your wig

The last and most common mistake people make is not storing their wigs properly. You should wash every 6 to 8 times you wear it and place your wig on a wig stand or in a special wig box.

These are common mistakes, but they are not needed! If you have questions after finding a wig, there are many professional stylists who specialize in styling and fitting wigs that can help!

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