What Are the Phases of Landscape Design Construction?

Landscape architecture is the professional work of modifying the natural environment to create something new. For example, a playground, residential campus, shopping mall, and town square are examples of those creations. Landscape design architects blend the social and natural worlds to develop something urban and useful for the benefit of the greater society.

Whenever a landscape design architect takes up a project, there are several steps involved in it. This includes designing, planning, construction, and all other management responsibilities. In the following section, we will address these steps or phases that a landscaping contractor or designer has to undergo.

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What are the mandatory phases of landscape architecture?

Before a professional landscape architect in Alpharetta or designer delivers you the project, some mandatory stages are passed. Here is a list of those:

The inception and initiation of the project

As you understand, a complex landscape project requires a lot, and the first step itself is proof. The work of an architect begins the moment his client approaches him with a wish or preliminary plan.

Then there is an initial consultation and finalization of the proposal. After that, the designer discusses the project with a team of professionals who then do further research. Finally, it is time for a thorough analysis of the site inventory.

Concept design

It is now time that the architect will put down his thoughts on paper to document the initial ideas for the project. Moreover, the concept of designing may take considerable time, depending on the scale of the project.

The final document usually includes analysis reports of the climate, vegetation, land, topography, and more. During the necessary designing stage, the architect may have to get government approval and sign on essential documents to carry out the plan.

Design development

As mentioned earlier, designing takes a long time, and the design development phase is the second part of it. While the concept design report is fundamental, this one will come out with more specific results. Therefore, the client will now be able to relate to the plan and understand what the architect is thinking. After that, the final documentation will occur, and the designer will procure a legal tender to start with the construction.


Construction is the most elaborate phase and includes everything from site clearing and demolition to the final installation of new doors and replacement windows in an establishment.

A professional landscape designer will look after the smaller details, such as planting the trees and fixing the lights at every corner of the property. Therefore, the whole construction process will take at least a year or more to conclude, depending on the project’s scale.

Construction management

While the management work is not the department of landscape architecture, a professional may sometimes go out of the way for delivering utmost efficacy. Moreover, if you are dealing with a design and construction agency, you will surely get help from post-construction management. This phase includes payment approval and supervising construction modifications.

Post occupancy inspection

After the client occupies the new construction, there is always an inspection period. During this time, the landscape architecture agency will have to prepare comprehensive reports regarding any possible construction failure. It is more like the after-sales service of a product—for example, dead plants, bad quality fittings, cracks, and more.