Planning a Large Team-Building Event This Fall? Here’s How Custom Clothing Can Make It That Much Better

team-building event image t4444We feel that fall is the best season for team-building events. The short days and cold temperatures can have a huge impact on your employees’ ability to be productive. If you want your employees to be at their best this fall, we suggest that you plan a team-building event.

Even if you have a team of over 100, your employees can always benefit from a team-building event. Not only will these events help your employees get to know each other, but they are also an excuse to have some fun!

If you want your team-building event to surpass your employee’s expectations, we suggest that you order some custom screen printed clothing. Continue reading to learn more about how screen printed garments can make these team-building events unique and memorable.

1 – Fall Golf Tournament

Golf is a competitive yet social sport; this is why many businesspeople enjoy playing golf. Aside from working on their swing, players can catch up on other areas – whether personal or professional. Golf is a low-impact sport that offers plenty of time to socialize.

This is why golf is the perfect activity for a team-building exercise. Your employees will get a chance to get to know one another better, which will improve the workplace environment and potentially kindle some new friendships.

However, you don’t want your employees to get cold while they are putting, driving or chipping. If you want your employees to stay comfortable, we suggest that you order some screen printed sweaters and hats. These garments will look great on the golf course and in the workplace.

If you want to reward your employees, we highly recommend ordering some top-of-the-line cart bags. These bags are the perfect gift for employees that can’t get enough of being on the golf course.

You can easily customize these garments with logos, slogans and fun designs. If you need help with your graphics, you need to get in contact with screen printing companies that have in-house designers, as these individuals can help you turn your ideas into reality. Not to mention, you should look for companies that offer a live chat. This allows you to start a dialogue with the designers and verbalize your needs while you design your own clothes.

2 – Sporting Event

If you are having a hard time figuring out what you want to do for your next team-building exercise, we suggest that you take your employees to a professional sporting event. Sporting events are perfect for companies and organizations with big teams. This is because stadiums can often seat tens of thousands of spectators and have unique food vendors. This means that you will be able to seat and feed all of your employees with ease.

Regardless of the sport, you can always find an exciting game to watch. Sporting events are the perfect opportunities for your employees to show their true colours and let loose. 

They are also a great time to show off your company pride. If you want your team to look great at your next team-building event, we suggest that you order some custom sweatshirts, toques or gloves.

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