Lark Funding Review – What Does This Newer Prop Firm Offer? 

The proprietary trading world is witnessing a transformation, driven by the arrival of new players like Lark Funding, which have started to challenge traditional trading approaches with innovative solutions. Continue reading as I’ll examine how Lark Funding, established in the summer of 2022, is making waves among the best prop trading firms by offering traders straightforward funding options. 

My Lark Funding review will look into how Lark Funding helps increase traders’ potential through clear rules, effective risk management practices, and access to the dynamic forex market, positioning itself distinctively in the competitive prop trading arena.

What is Lark Funding? 

Lark Funding, initiated by the well-known trader and YouTube influencer Matt L in June 2022, marks a significant shift in the prop trading firm landscape. This platform was born from a desire to overcome typical industry challenges like strict time constraints and intricate rules that often hinder traders’ success. With an innovative approach, Lark Funding offers traders the chance to handle demo accounts with up to $600,000, under a performance-driven payout scheme. 

Matt L, together with his team of seasoned traders, aimed to prioritize the satisfaction and success of their clients, setting Lark Funding apart with its unique no-time-limit evaluation process and outstanding customer support. This fresh approach has rapidly attracted attention, establishing Lark Funding as a new benchmark in the prop trading sector.

Lark Funding Features

Lark Funding has a lot to offer its traders. Here are some of the features commonly mentioned with Lark Funding:

  • Eightcap Partnership: As a futures prop trading firm, Lark Funding collaborates with Eightcap to ensure traders can engage with low spreads, zero commission fees, and reliable trade execution, fostering a trustworthy trading environment.
  • MetaTrader Platforms: Lark Funding offers access to the industry-leading MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, equipped with extensive tools for strategy development and informed decision-making. The platforms support a user-friendly and customizable interface, catering to both manual and automated trading preferences.
  • Trading Instruments: With Eightcap, Lark Funding isn’t only a forex prop trading firm, but allows traders to deal in a diverse range of financial instruments, from indices to commodities and even cryptocurrency prop trading. This flexibility accommodates different trading interests and strategies.
  • Maximum Capital & Profit Split: Traders can manage up to $1,000,000 with a generous 90% profit split, underlining the firm’s commitment to their traders’ potential and success.
  • Industry-Leading Programs: Lark Funding’s innovative 3-Stage Program offers low target thresholds and accessible routes to trading success, distinguishing them within the futures prop trading industry.
  • Pass Assist Feature: This feature automatically acknowledges when traders achieve their gain targets, removing the necessity to manually close trades to complete challenges, streamlining the evaluation process.
  • Payout Frequency: Ensures swift processing of withdrawals, offering 14-Day Payouts with an option for weekly payouts within the 3-Stage Program, prioritizing traders’ liquidity and reward.
  • Transparency and Support: True to its trader-first ethos, Lark Funding is noted for its 100% transparency and real people support, providing round-the-clock assistance to address any trader queries or concerns.

Lark Funding Rules

Lark Funding offers traders a choice between 1-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage programs, allowing for a paced and pressure-free progression in trading skills. Their unique Pass-Assist and Gain Protector features automatically track gains and ensure traders are compensated even if minor drawdown rules are breached, as long as the overall account remains profitable.

The firm has a Maximum Trailing Drawdown system starting at 5% of your initial balance, which adjusts as you make profits, providing a safety net and reducing stress during trading. For instance, if your account grows, your allowable drawdown increases, offering more room for strategic decisions.

A strict stop-loss policy is in place to encourage prudent risk management; neglecting to set a stop loss results in automatic trade closure, considered a minor violation. Traders are allowed to hold positions over the weekend for an additional fee, with an automatic closure of all trades by Friday afternoon to mitigate weekend market risks.

Lark Funding supports various trading strategies including news and automated trading, but it prohibits high-frequency and arbitrage strategies. The maximum account size can reach up to $1,000,000 with a generous 90% profit split. However, there’s no option for account scaling, and maximum leverage is set at 1:20. While weekend trading is permitted, it requires an extra fee, and there is no free trial available for new users.


Lark Funding is regarded as one of the top contenders in the prop firm industry and one of the best futures prop trading firms. They are looking to revolutionize the field with their user-centric innovations and comprehensive support systems. By offering significant trading capital, attractive profit splits, and advanced risk management features, Lark Funding demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering trader success and contentment.

If you’re seeking a supportive and progressive environment to advance your trading career, Lark Funding could be the perfect fit. Click Here to start your journey with one of the leading futures prop trading firms today.