The Latest Update on All Things Bitcoin

Do you want to trade bitcoins this year? Well, 2018 wasn’t the most prolific year, but things could have been worse. With that said, we are going to discuss the top trends that will dominate the crypto market this year. If you are invested in the bitcoin market, you will need to follow these trends.

Dapp Platforms

These are dubbed as “Ethereum Killers.” Well, it’s too early for them to succeed but we expect the trend will pull through for a few upcoming years. The Mainnet launched new blockchain platforms in 2018, and they have made some progress lately. So far, Dapps have migrated from Tron to Ethereum. It snuck into the market space from both sides.

ICO Craze

This trend had an impressive trajectory course over the last year. But it cooled off in the second half of the year thanks to various government bodies intervening. The authorities have introduced new regulations which protect investors from fraud and make things easy for crypto projects but also have reduced the privacy involved which was a major selling point of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum dominated for most of the year, and it led to a spike in ETH Price.


Scalability made its mark in 2018. Everyone asked whether cryptocurrency is worth the investment and hassle or not.  Well, the cryptocurrency market enjoyed significant growth last year. Other blockchain projects had their plans in motion: some succeeded, some not. But 2018 was a profitable year overall, and the profits will continue to build up this year.

Security Token Offering

This is the fourth trend that took off in 2018. We expect it will enjoy growth in 2019 in the second to third quarter of the year.

We expect it will progress slowly this year, but so far, stable coins are doing a great job of stealing the show – thanks to price volatility and their stable value.

Purchasing Digital Assets

Looking forward to buying bitcoin with PayPal? Congratulations, you can do it now! You can easily purchase digital assets. In 2018 the purchase of digital assets became easier than ever. You can easily buy bitcoins through trusted platforms.

Price Volatility will be Low

Bitcoin suffered from extreme price volatility in 2017; this had its impact on the whole crypto industry. In 2018, the volatility got a bit subtle, and price changes were not that significant.  The trends that will shape 2019 shows cryptocurrency prices will be more stable this year.

This is a good sign for investors, both veteran and would-be. They will be comfortable knowing the market is slowly growing instead of fluctuating.

News and Events will Take a Big Step Back

Trading news is very lucrative. Whenever there is speculation or development, the news always shows up and sells. It doesn’t matter whether the news is good or bad, the goal here is to sell it early and make as much money as you can.

No Bull Runs

The market is going to recover this year. All the bull runs have been broken because it was underestimated how low Bitcoin could go. But the story isn’t over, there will be small bull runs, but don’t expect to see anything major.

Video – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency that is totally centralized – it is a cryptocurrency. If you are not sure what cryptocurrencies are and how they operate, watch this MBN video.