How Law Firms Can Improve Their Online Visibility

Did you know that 35% of all private practice attorneys get their clients through social media? Perhaps more surprising is that over 80% of prospects conduct research online before engaging with law firms. These findings come from Practice Alchemy, who also reported that:

  • Poor web presence is the sole reason why more than half of counsels stop retaining attorneys
  • Over 65% of potential clients deem online ratings “extremely influential” when choosing a law firm
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A study by Bloomberg Law and LMA found that 47% of attorneys considered hiring or increasing marketing staff as one of their most effective investments when it came to developing new business.

Needless to say, online visibility is crucial to the success of your law firm today. Here’s how you can improve it.

Assess Your Website

Start by scrolling through your website as someone who might need your services. Ask the following questions:

  1. Does it look appealing and professional?
  2. Are all the links working?
  3. How quickly can you navigate between pages?
  4. Is there any relevant and engaging content?
  5. Can prospects find and fill in forms easily?
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Consider partnering with web design and search engine optimization (SEO) agencies to help you build a better website. There should be no difficulty involved with understanding what your firm offers and the assistance it can provide.

The landing page for personal injury lawyers Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky is a good example of what prospects should see upon reaching your website. Their contact details are clearly visible alongside the fact that consultations are free. They further attract clients by listing the reasons to hire them and what the associated legal process involves.

You can also improve your website by:

  • Ensuring that it works on mobile devices
  • Requesting and displaying testimonials
  • Frequently updating your blog with informative articles
  • Showcasing awards and accomplishments to emphasize your reputation

Collect Reviews

Nothing gives prospects greater peace of mind than positive reviews from previous clients. Make sure that reviews can be added to your social media pages and Google Maps listing. That said, it’s generally better to have them on your website as you can control the available content and remove anything that can damage your reputation.

Providing timely and helpful responses to negative feedback on other sites will make a major difference to how they’re perceived by others. Just remember to be aware of all the locations where reviews may be posted.


Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and the like allow you to create targeted advertising campaigns for a relatively small amount of money. These serve as a reliable way to spread the word without having to do the work yourself. Still, you will need to ensure that your advertisements are well-crafted and supported by a compelling call-to-action.

Social Media

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Finally, don’t forget to create social media profiles for your law firm on relevant platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your presence while collecting valuable feedback from clients.

Done right, these methods can make a world of a difference in your online visibility. Put some time into them and your efforts will quickly pay off.

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