Lead Nurturing for Business Development

A key component of growing business comes from the leads that are generated and the interest that remains once they land with your business – whilst business development agencies such as Alchemis can get the leads to you, it’s up to you to keep those leads and progress them further. Learning how to nurture leads for business development is essential, and these steps may help grow potential leads further and turn them into full conversions instead.

Understand the user journey

The user journey is an essential part of any business experience, and it’s very easy to get some parts right and some parts wrong. It’s important for any business to experience the user journey by going through each step regularly; finding out which points work out well and which could use improvement is vital for nurturing any new leads that come through. Building a customer journey map is often the best way to stay on top of this process and have extra steps in the process to help nurture customers through their journey if they run into any issues.

Progress the journey with your customer

Whilst understanding and refining the user journey is one part of the process, having systems in place to progress through the journey alongside the customer is just as important too – this is particularly important for processes that may be more challenging and need a lot more intervention. Systems like live chat are amongst the most common to see but having similar tools to help nurture potential leads so they don’t lose interest or get lost along the way can help smooth a potential lead into a guaranteed customer – it takes more time but slowing down to the customer’s pace and leading them through is just another part of the service that has come to be expected.

The journey doesn’t end at the sale

Research has been conducted in the past to show how much can be lost in sales due to absentee salespeople or representatives, and it’s become much more important to understand that the user journey doesn’t end once the sale is made. Following up with additional inquiries and staying in contact with leads outside of just automated emails and calls is a fantastic way to nurture them further and perhaps lead to repeat business or additional sales through channels like word of mouth and provides a big benefit over competitors that could be losing sales for this very reason.

Many business have quickly come to realize that customer service is the linchpin for modern business, price can often take a backseat and convenience is becoming less important – nurturing new leads and following them through their journey is essential for good business development.

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