League of Legends Jinx Skin List

League of Legends Jinx Skins what are they? So far, Jinx has a total of 9 skins including classic skins. The most recent skin was released on February 4, 2020. It is Heartseeker Jinx. In order to let more players know about Jinx Skins and related attributes, this article will share the League of Legends Jinx Skin List with you, so stay tuned.

League of Legends Jinx Skin List

League of Legends Jinx Skin Top 3

Heartseeker Jinx

As part of the Mind Seeker theme during the Valentine’s Day 2020 event, Mind Seeker Jinx’s character and weapon models have been completely recolored in incredible detail. The theme of the skin combined with the clear, bright and playful color palette makes this skin a lovely one and a must have if you love playing Jinx.

Prestige Battle Cat Jinx

Released earlier this year as the Prestige Skin for the Anima Squad event, Supreme Battle Cat Jinx is a must-have skin for diehard Jinx masters and collectors who must collect all available Prestige Skins in League.

Arcane Jinx

With the world premiere of the bonus TV show Arcane on November 21, 2021, Riot released a line of Arcane skins to commemorate the origins of key characters. The champions who were lucky enough to see their arcane versions were Jinx, Vi, Jace, and Ike. While these skins are simple recolors of the base skins, they give the impression of a visual update with polished champion animations and refined effect particles.

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League of Legends Jinx Skins what are they? The above article shared the League of Legends Jinx Skin List for you . For more information about Jinx ‘s comeback skin, please pay attention to the report on snsthegame.com.

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