7 Things You Can Learn from Casinos about Marketing

You’ve heard these words before. “The casino always wins.” And “Las Vegas was never built by winners.” Yet, every year, over 40 million people visit Las Vegas to spend their money on casino games.

Elsewhere, people bet hundreds of dollars on online casinos every month. And they keep coming back even when they don’t win consistently. So, what’s the secret casinos have other marketers can learn?

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Sell Irresistible Products

The first rule of business: sell products people want to buy. It’s a known secret that has made lots of people rich. Think of Walmart, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. These companies sell general merchandise, fast food, coffee, and pizza: things people buy regularly.

Of course, not every can sell food, groceries and clothes. But you can find other things on demand and carve a niche. Let’s use online casinos as an example. They discovered people like slot machines, poker and roulette.

But not everyone likes to travel across the country to gamble. And that’s where the idea of Internet-based gambling came up. In other words, the objective is to sell stuff people want to buy. But at the same time, you want people to buy from you.

Have Something for Everyone

Don’t get it wrong—you don’t have to sell a million things like Amazon or Walmart. You could sell one product but have a way of selling it to people with varying needs. That’s what poker and bingo websites do.

They feature one or two types of casino games. But they create products for different players: high rollers, beginners, professionals, everyone. With regular casinos, they provide hundreds of games that target players from all walks of life.

Essentially, casinos target as many customers as possible. Some people might only gamble once. Others will prefer one game or bet minimal amounts. But in the end, having thousands of customers ensure the house keeps winning.

That should be your goal too. Broaden your target group by increasing your inventory. And search for customer so much that you never have to deal with losses.

Give Out Freebies Often

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Free samples, free trials, discounts, coupons, bonuses—these words describe the same thing. They imply the deals companies give out to customers for various reasons. In the casino space, bonuses serve several purposes:

  • Brand awareness
  • Attracting new customers
  • Building trust and loyalty
  • Defeating Competition

In case you’re wondering, casinos give out freebies through free slots, betting credits, cashback and loyalty points. Most of these bonuses can lead to real cash, which is why players are always looking for bonuses.

That said, casinos don’t give out bonuses without catch. If you want free spins, you probably must create an account or make a deposit. As such, also give out freebies only if they can help you promote your busines in some way: getting new email subscribers, social media followers, referrals, or loyalty.

Invest in Customer Service

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The saying “Customers Are Really Everything” is true. Treat them right and your business will soar immensely. Ignore their plight and you could lose all of them. In the casino industry, customers service includes close communication and helpful feedback.

Customers receive assistance through live chatting, email and phone calls. Most websites also feature a web page where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. As mentioned, though, customer service also transcends immediate feedback.

The best casinos take surveys or watch out for trends to improve customer satisfaction. They improve their games, bonuses or security based on customer feedback and not ignoring or downplaying the information.

Likewise, provide reliable customer service. And keep learning from your clientele to discover what they like or dislike about your business. Then use the information to improve the qualify of services you provide.

Focus on Value and User Experience Over Price

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Ever been to any casino in Las Vegas? Nothing is cheap. Hotel rooms cost more than anywhere else in the City. Food is delicious but costly too. When it comes to entertainment, concerts are either free or cost a premium.

But with all these products and services, the quality is unmatched. That’s because casinos don’t always care about price wars. They don’t care about having the cheapest games or hotel rooms. Instead, they compete to have the best of everything.

Some casinos boast of the biggest gaming floors. Others brag about their spacious rooms, most luxurious poker tables or best bonuses. In other words, they appeal to customer experience and product quality over price.

Can you do the same? Become the go-to place for excellent customer service. Or the best website for fast deliveries, or quality products. Then worry about prices afterwards. If you concentrate on prices, you’ll never win in a war against someone with better products.

Speak to Customers Using their Language

Part of the casino experience involves websites that support multiple languages. That way, a casino based in New Jersey could speak to customers in France using French. And they won’t need a unique site for that purpose.

Speaking to customers in a language they understand come with many benefits. For starters, you avoid confusion. Additionally, it’s a way of personalizing your services. And guess what? People love business that really understands them.

Of course, language use doesn’t just mean using your customers’ native language. It also describes the words you use. The thing is, people like businesses that focus on the things they like using the words they understand.

Appeal to Emotions

As we mentioned earlier, casinos have thousands of customers even though they make money from the losses of their customers. That’s because they appeal to people’s emotions. They talk of how you can win millions playing slots, how you can change your life and find happiness.

Additionally, they highlight their bonuses, and other freebies they give out to customers. Essentially, they focus on making players feel happy and special. Surprisingly, that’s what every customer wants.

If you can appeal to your customers emotions, they will become your ambassadors. And in doing so, you can save advertising money.

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