This is why learning a foreign language is good for your health

Bilingualism offers a number of long-term benefits, and allows you to live better: you can find out why in this article.

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It had already been intuited by many scientist, and has been confirmed by several studies. Knowing multiple languages ​​is good, both mentally and socially, because a language is one of the main assets that allow people to claim fundamental rights such as work, home, education, and health.

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The importance of learning at every age

Whether it is due to work, perhaps due to moving to another country, or it is instead a willing decision to expand one’s knowledge, learning different languages ​​turns out to be a great opportunity, both at the educational and cultural level, both to improve one’s adaptation spirit.

It should therefore be important to start studying a communication code different from your native language in the first years of life, when the mind is ready to receive more information: a decidedly different position compared to that of the past, when it was believed that learning multiple languages ​​together was a big problem for brain activity.

Scientific studies have shown that language learning has a very strong impact on our existence, promoting the development of creativity, helping us to better understand everything that exists, broadening our horizons and teaching us that “we are not the only ones world”.

1. Learning languages ​​keeps brain diseases away

According to a study carried out by researchers at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele Hospital of Milan, bilingualism would in fact remove Alzheimer’s disease in predisposed subjects by about five years, operating on dementia an effect that until a few years ago seemed only obtainable through the administration of drugs.

The surprising result therefore showed that learning can compensate and circumvent the damage that the disease causes in the brain.

2. Enhanced listening skills

When conversing with a person in a different language, it is clear that much more attention is paid to the pronunciations, the sounds of the words, in order to distinguish and understand them, so that they can respond correctly.

In fact, it has been shown that the brain – during a conversation in a foreign language – suffers a lot of stress, due to the great work of distinguishing sounds. At the same time, however, this amount of work makes him more trained and flexible.

3. More developed memory

Science agrees that speaking different languages ​​can allow you to have more job opportunities but, above all, change the structure of the brain, becoming a real brain gym. A trained mind can concentrate in a better way, filtering irrelevant information thanks to greater flexibility, which makes it fertile ground to be able to store and remember much more information over time.

4. The way we see the world changes

Bilinguals know how to think much more outside the box than others and have a much more open way of thinking than their own culture of origin.

Scientists at the University of Lancaster have also concluded a research published in the journal Psychological Science, focusing on how much the spoken language can reflect on how to behave. In fact, anyone who speaks one or more foreign languages ​​is able to make the forma mentis of known languages ​​their own, expanding their way of seeing things.

5. You can explore other cultures
5. You can explore other cultures

In a modern society, multiethnic and multicultural, the values ​​that intertwine are also infinite. With the increase of foreign students, our society has found itself dealing with the spirit of adaptation and integration with a great cultural wealth that was gradually being established. Integration, which passes through the respect of different values, could create insurmountable gaps if not respected.

The study of a language, therefore, will allow you to meet new people, but above all, it will help the interaction and integration of other people, enriching us in a very important way with new values, helping to put a new piece of history and culture in the baggage of our life.

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