Tips for Switching to LED Lighting in the Workplace

LED illumination 43994LED lighting, the lighting of the future is sweeping across workplaces in America. Have you switched your workplace over yet?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. Almost every manager or owner has a hundred things on the “I’ll get to that” list at work. This is one thing on the list that will benefit you and your bottom line.

Things are changing quickly as many offices have made the switch to LED lighting to lower their electrical costs.

However, there are still many workplaces that are struggling with the old fluorescent bulbs and it’s not only the books taking a hit; employees are also being affected negatively, with many of them suffering from light-induced headaches, eye strain, discomfort, tiredness, and dizziness.

Below we will cover 5 tips on how you can switch your workplace over to LED lighting to lower costs, benefit employees health, increase productivity, and overall energy efficiency.

5 Tips on how to switch over to LED

1. LED Will Save Your Business Money

LED lights image er88LED lighting can save your company money as it can last between 20,000-40,000 hours longer (about five times longer) than the traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Along with the increased durability, LED lighting also has the lowest carbon emissions. Your company will save money on maintaining the lighting as they can run for roughly 20 years (at 8 hour days Monday-Friday). Or, if you kept them on and never turned them off, it would take roughly 7 years until they stopped working.

2. Increase Your Workplace Safety

Lighting green 393993By using LED lighting for this requirement you are not only saving energy but you are keeping your staff safe (and following regulations) so they will always know where the emergency exit signs are.

Luminating the exits, stairwells, and fire extinguisher are all very beneficial safety measures you can take.

Plus, nothing’s worse for an employee then tripping over something just because the lighting is outdated.

3. Where Should I Buy Workplace LED lighting from?

LED Lighting 393939Many U.S manufacturers have been known to be more reputable than some imported LED products. Checking the company’s customer reviews, installation services, and warranties are all vital to finding your match.

You can find high-quality LED lighting for your workplace online at, or even at big ecommerce stores like Amazon.

4. Who Should Install The New Lights?

LED Lighting 980Make sure to do your research for a company that has done corporate jobs before as it’s important to know a company’s reputation and product performance in the workplace.

If you are able to check out an office (in person) that a potential installer has done before, this would be ideal and it can help to give you a true vision for what you might be wanting.

Replacing old fluorescent tubes with LED lighting has its complexities, so it’s best to go with a professional, especially in bigger workplaces.

5. What Should I Look For In Workplace Light Fixtures?

LED Lighting image 56It depends on the nature of your work, however, it’s best to choose fixtures that have efficient thermal management to guarantee long term usage.

Also make sure that you pick a fixture that allows for electrical demand response, light-harvesting, and dimming. It may sound like a lot and you might think it’s unnecessary, however as times are changing you’ll thank yourself later for these beneficial conserving features.

Also keep in mind that the higher the quality the product is, the more it will save you money over the long haul.

An Investment In Your Business And Your Employees

LED lighting image 43Though LED lighting is a bit pricier than traditional fluorescent lighting, in the long run, investing in LED lighting can save your business approximately 80% in lighting costs by lowering your monthly electrical bills.

Since poor quality lighting can cause a variety of issues, make sure to ask your employees what some of the issues they have with the lighting are. You’ll notice some of them will say they notice eye strain, headaches, dizziness and tiredness.

When switching to LED lighting, it’s good to know the main triggers so that you can allow your employees to feel heard, cared for, and ultimately to let them you you are going to make big changes to reduce these health issues.

Thankfully, you will not only make them feel heard, but having them apart of this process with also help lower their stress (knowing that the new LED lighting will influence and affect their mood and energy levels in a positive way).

Plus, on top of the health benefits, there will be an added bonus to your in-house productivity: studies have shown that LED lighting can improve employee productivity by 3-5% every day. How much more could your employees get done by simply switching over to LED lighting?

Final Thoughts

Lighting 34Running a company is no easy task. With several priorities in place to improve your workplace, lighting is just another thing on the list – or is it?

By taking initiative to upgrade your workplace with LED lighting, you’ll not only be investing in your company’s future and your employees’ well-being, but… your potential clients and investors will also notice your efforts to modernize your workplace. Investing in LED lighting is a triple win – for your books, your employees, and your business associates.