Lensa is Reshaping Job Seeking in the US

The Internet, along with the rise of online job search sites, has been changing the game when it comes to finding new employment. There are dozens of online job boards that anybody with an Internet connection can go on to browse thousands of job opportunities from anywhere around the world. These platforms have streamlined recruitment for employers everywhere and made the experience of applying for jobs a lot more efficient and easier than ever. 


One specific online job board that has been rapidly rising to popularity is Lensa. Lensa was launched in August 2016, focusing specifically on technological advancements such as AI and machine learning to advance its algorithm, making it as easy as possible for people to land a job catering to their skill set. This platform operates from a job seeker perspective, meaning that the website focuses specifically on the job seeker and their background to match the best-suited job on the site. 

Lensa’s Technology 

The way that Lensa is able to match job seekers to jobs that are best suited for them is by giving anyone who goes to the website the possibility to complete a detailed online profile. Once the profile is completed, Lensa’s algorithm matches the requirements of the listed positions on the site with the information on the profile given by its users. Users can also directly upload their résumé to the site, and the algorithm will also match everything relevant to the résumé with open listings. 

This digital revolution is incredibly efficient because instead of placing this responsibility on company recruiters or on job seekers (which would take weeks), the AI does it in mere seconds. This system completely streamlines recruitment and gives both parties the best chances of success. Once a job seeker is matched with a company or position, they have the opportunity to apply directly from the website and the employers will be notified with a readily available list of how this individual is suited for the job. 

Lensa’s Transparency 

As Lensa operates from a job seeker perspective, they want users to be fully informed about a business or company they will potentially be joining. When you click on a job description, users have the option to read about the company. Lensa includes many different statistics on employee demographics such as age, gender, diversity, and years spent at the company. This is incredibly helpful and very important because everyone should be well-informed about the team that they are about to be a part of. 

Lensa looks out for its users, and this data offers a lot of transparency, making the website highly reliable. Through Lensa’s Company Page, users can also find out a lot of information about any company through an extensive rating system. The companies that are affiliated with Lensa receive an overall rating compiled from information such as salary and benefits, professional growth, work-life balance, recognition and support, and the company culture and values. 

Information is also given about the company’s history, reviews, growth rate, other affiliations, the top roles in the company, and Q&As from outside parties. It is safe to say that Lensa allows jobseekers to be fully informed so they can make a well-rounded and critical decision before going through with an application process.

Bottom Line

No wonder Lensa has been growing so fast since 2016. It is incredibly simple to use, has an ever-evolving algorithm, focuses on meeting the jobseeker’s preferences, and offers complete transparency to its users. It truly is a unique platform, and it’s highly encouraged to take advantage of all that Lensa has to offer.