Leovegas Strengthens Its Commitment To Responsible Gambling

Last year, at the end of December, LeoVegas AB, the Swedish mobile gaming company and provider of online casino and sport betting services, has strengthened its commitment to responsible gambling by gaining more control over its affiliate advertising. How did the brand do that? The company agreed to upgrade its marketing compliance with GiG Comply software, a tool that can scan over 30,000 websites daily.

GiG Comply is a software tool from the Gaming Innovation Group, an iGaming company that provides cloud-based products and platform services to its B2B partners. Since December, LeoVegas became an official partner of GiG by agreeing to integrate the company’s software that can help regulate betting operators through automated compliance checks. What’s more, it also allows players to stick to different marketing standards and regulations.

GiG Comply is a self-service marketing compliance service that will help LeoVegas ensure that its affiliates are aligned with the brand. What’s more, the company can also check whether or not responsible gaming requirements and regulations are visible on relevant pages of their affiliates and whether or not the terms and conditions are correct, updated, and visible for players.

LeoVegas believes that its use of GiG Comply software is proof of the company’s commitment to responsible gambling for its fans. The company stresses the idea that its recent move will help it have better control over third-party advertising and further protect its brand from being marketed on sites that are not compliant internationally.

Responsible gambling explained

LeoVegas’s commitment to responsible gambling and the company’s recent move is a reminder of how important it is for all operators in the industry to respect the principles of responsible gambling, including complying with technical and legislative demands.

Responsible gambling in the iGaming industry can mean a lot of things, including:

  • Protecting vulnerable gamblers
  • Preventing underage gambling
  • Having safety measures against criminal activities in place
  • Online payment protection
  • A safe online environment
  • Ethical and responsible marketing

Any operator is directly responsible for its activities and must ensure that they respect all responsible gambling principles. Operators must also make sure that these principles are understood and respected by all parties, including regulators, platform providers, and their affiliates.

LeoVegas is a company that supports responsible gaming, and good evidence for that is the company’s efforts to implement responsible gaming values, provide secure gaming environments for its fans, and its recent decision to use GiG Comply software.

Who is LeoVegas AB?

LeoVegas AB is a Sweden-based company that was founded a decade ago, in 2011, by Gustaf Hangman and Robin Ramm-Ericson.

The company has an iGaming platform where users can find various entertaining video poker games, progressive jackpot games, and all kinds of fun online casino games.

Since its launch, the company successfully built a strong international presence, now operating in several countries around the world. One of the moves that made the company enjoy rapid growth was its “mobile-first” mentality. In fact, LeoVegas first started as a mobile app as the company’s founders correctly speculated that online gamblers would migrate from desktops to their tablets and smartphones to gamble and play casino games.

Other recent moves made by LeoVegas

LeoVegas operates on many international markets, including the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, particularly Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, but also on European countries such as Spain and Italy.

The online casino has a great presence around the world, and it’s no surprise that it is constantly making further moves to improve its services and provide its worldwide fans the best gaming experiences.

For instance, at the beginning of last year, LeoVegas has carried out some strategic updates in its presence in the UK market, where it operates in compliance with the UK Gambling Commission requirements. More precisely, the brand has migrated the Rocket X services to its Group’s own technical platform, resulting in a better focused and more efficient operation that fully utilizes economies of scale in technology, product, and organization.

Up until last year, LeoVegas in the UK has conducted its operations on three separate technical platforms in the UK market. However, since January 2019, the brand has migrated Rocket X to the multi-brand platform Rhino, a platform where all technology is owned and run by LeoVegas.

Besides that, the company also decided that Royal Panda, the other platform it had, will leave the UK market but only to focus on other European markets and markets from the rest of the world.

LeoVegas’s focus on further expansion can be recognized in the company’s expansion to the Indian market. Since the brand’s entrance into the Indian online gambling market, LeoVegas has experienced significant success among Indian players.

LeoVegas in India is already ranted as a top online casino by its fans there. What’s more, the company was also praised for its services in the country in an article in the Economic Times India. The article called the provider “one of the top-rated online casinos” and praises the brand’s efforts to provide Indian users with a dedicated site and a trained staff that provides support to players and constantly improves the company’s services in India.

It’s important to note that Indian players can only bet with non-Indian providers like LeoVegas. Gambling in the country is heavily restricted, but it is not illegal for Indian players to bet with non-Indian providers. So, the Indian market is a huge business opportunity for LeoVegas.

What’s more, as the Indian online gambling market is expected to grow up to nearly 120 billion Indian rupees by 2023, expanding its services in the Indian market is a smart entrepreneurial move made by LeoVegas.

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