Let’s probe into the weight and size of boxing gloves!

You need to use the right sporting gear to create the most impact in sparring. When you talk about boxing, the attention will quickly drift to boxing gloves, an essential item. People use this piece of sporting gear for training with pads, heavy bags, partner drills, etc. In effect, you can find it a common component in every sport-related training. Since it has a broader application, one can expect it to come in many shapes and sizes with varying features. You may need clarification on these choices if you plan to try boxing or any such activity. Let’s eliminate any dilemma by focusing on the measurement of this gear to understand what you can pick or avoid.

Weight of the boxing gloves

Your body weight is critical because a bulky person can easily pack heavy punches. But they also need to protect their hand more. Another determining element can be the purpose of the gear. Do you need it for general training with heavy bag and mitt work or sparring? In the first case, you can easily manage with lightweight gloves. Going by the size, pairs measuring 8 ounces can be suitable for kids. For kickboxing and boxing practice in the gym, some people use 10 oz gloves. They wear these low-weight gloves to hit bags. 

However, 12 oz gloves can be the best for training if you want an all-rounder type of stuff. You can strike well because of the balanced weight and size of the gear. Just note that this may not be suitable for sparring, though. But you can participate in amateur boxing matches with them. Usually, fighters weighing more than 165lbs use them. Similarly, a heavy pair of gloves weighing 14 ounces can be apt for prominent fighters with different training requirements. Smaller guys can wear them for sparring. 

Another option that you encounter is 16-oz gloves. You may wonder what about them. Most gyms recommend this one for sparring. They can be puffy and heavy because of the extra layer of padding added for damage protection to the fighters. You can also use them in other scenarios, but they may need to be more well-constructed.

Boxing gloves selection for men and women

Ideally, the body weight of the person matters more than gender. Still, female hands tend to be smaller and may require more punching power. Hence, it can be wise to select lightweight gloves for them. Men weighing more than 160lbs may require 16 oz gloves for sparring. However, you must assess your needs if you want something for training. It’s more about whether you want to throw a heavy blow or keep your hands a little comfortable while training. Bulky gloves, however, offer greater muscle strength and endurance. With 10 oz gloves, you can feel lighter and strike faster. But you cannot rely on them for hand protection. Constant practicing with them with heavy bags can affect your hands in the initial days of the training.

So, when you shop for boxing gloves, keep these little essential things in mind. You don’t want to injure your hands. Hence, choose better through an informed decision.

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