Let’s Talk About Mountain Biking

Mountain biking offers some of the best experiences to riders. Some riders just want to have fun, while others want to exercise or enjoy nature. Despite the good side, mountain biking has its bad side too. You could crash, and your bike gets damaged, or you get injured. There have been instances where some people were robbed of their bikes while on a mountain bike trail. When you plan to go mountain biking alone or with other people, expect the best but be ready for unexpected outcomes too. 

Planning your mountain biking trip

There are a lot of activities that you can do during a mountain biking trip. However, proper planning will give you the best experience. You will be ready to handle the unexpected negative experiences that may happen. Make sure you have a good quality mountain bike, like the Marin Rift Zone 1, that will not disappoint you. Ensure the brake system is perfect.

The mountain terrain is rough, and you could fall, get injured, or your bike gets damaged. To be on the safe side, contact a bike insurance company and take full coverage bicycle insurance. The Simple Bike Insurance cover fits all your insurance needs. 

The package includes spare parts, medical cover, accidental damage, bicycle liability, theft protection, transit and travel damage, and racing coverage. Before the trip date, decide the terrain you want to ride. Make sure your tires have good treads for the best grip. Pack the necessary things, such as spare parts, a bike pump, a first aid kit, water, and food.

Avoid biking alone

Mountain biking is fun, but there are potential dangers you can face. The commonest danger is falling, and you could get badly injured. You could also lose your trail and remain on the mountain for several days. Sometimes, some riders have been attacked by wild animals. If such incidents occur, you need someone to help you out. Be in the company of at least two or more people because you never know when you might need their help. 

There are dangers, but things often seem scarier than they are

If you are a beginner, your main worry could be knowing how dangerous is mountain biking. The truth is that mountain biking is dangerous, and you need to be careful about your safety all the time. Nevertheless, if it is your first ride, everything might seem scarier than it is.  

Sometimes the climbs are so steep that you wonder if you will make it to the top. The rides down the hill can be scary due to the rocks, sudden turns, and sometimes dead ends. Your trail might be muddy and difficult to ride, or it might go through bushy and dark vegetation. Expect to be scared, but the fear goes away with time. 

Observe safety all the time

While riding in the mountains, give priority to your safety and the safety of other riders. Here are general safety tips that apply to every mountain biking trip.

  • Breaking tip: Avoid grabbing your breaks very hard. Apply the brakes lightly but also be keen on the stopping distance. 
  • Floating tip: Don’t be scared when you find yourself floating on rocks, drops, and stumps. Be quick to check what kind of an obstacle it is and how you will get over it safely. 
  • Corners: Avoid speeding when you are close to a corner. Apply brakes when approaching the corner but not when you are already on it. Look keenly to see what is ahead after the corner. 
  • Have your safety gear on: Have your helmet safely on your head, and wear gloves and a reflector. 
  • Get ready for the best and the worst: You will enjoy your mountain riding, but you can never rule out a crash. You must be ready to experience both. Your bike brakes can save you from a crash. 

Final thoughts

Mountain biking gives you the best experiences, but it can also bring the worst experience. You need to prepare in advance by ensuring you have all the necessities. Buy full coverage bicycle insurance and decide the kind of trails to ride through. Do not go riding alone. Carry spare parts, and have full riding gear. 

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