Four Ways to Level Up Your Online Store in 2020

There can be nothing more frustrating than building a wonderful online store for your well-developed products, yet watching as traffic passes through your website without trading with your brand. This is an issue faced by thousands of small businesses every day, and can lead the best of products and the smartest of brands into the ground.

Online store - leveling it up in 2020 - imageIn this article, you’ll learn four ways to remedy this issue, by levelling up your online store to make it fit for purpose, and far more profitable, for trading in 2020 and beyond.

Where You’re Losing Custom

Every site visitor is a potential customer, and each visitor that leaves your site without checking through your products represents the wasted potential of your current website setup. It’s here that a good peek into your website data can be helpful, showing you:

  • How long visitors spend on site
  • How many pages they visit, and how they get there
  • Whether they look at products, or add them to a basket
  • What seems to be turning them away from your website

This knowledge will inform how you change your website’s layout in order to make sure that the people who visit your website are more likely to trade with you before leaving.

Make Use of Modern Tools

Some ecommerce websites have been in operation for years. If yours is one of them, you’ll likely be operating with antiquated systems and poor-performance plug-ins. Put simply, the technology that you use will be outdated, and you need to find ways to drag your website to the cutting edge of the 2020s if you’re to boost your performance in sales and traffic. You can find a handy list of the best ecommerce tools online, to help you build out your website in light of the urgency to modernize and update in 2020.

Remove Friction

When a visitor lands on your website, how many clicks do they have to perform to find their way through product pages to the items that they’re looking to buy? If that figure is over five, you’re asking too much of web users. They’re used to streamlined and friction-free shopping pages, and they’re going to be turned off by the amount of friction that your website is offering them.

Not only is friction perceived as unprofessional, it’s a drag on the attention spans of your site visitors. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy, and more of them will do so.

Marketing and Partnership Building

Finally, if you’re serious about increasing the volume of traffic that your website receives week on week, you’ll want to get marketing. Getting your brand out there, visible, known, and trusted is a wonderful way to increase your sales through increasing the number of people who search for your website. You can do this through traditional marketing, through digital marketing and SEO strategies, as well as building partnerships with other websites which will trade the promotion of their business on your site with promotion of yours on their site.

Level up your ecommerce store with the four tips outlined above, all designed to get you more sales and reap you higher profits in 2020.


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