Leveraging the Latest Digital Marketing Trends in India for Business Growth

The digital marketing landscape in India is evolving at a rapid pace. With increasing internet and smartphone penetration, digital channels have become critical for businesses to reach out to digitally savvy consumers. To stay competitive and tap into new opportunities, it is crucial for companies to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and use them to fuel sustainable growth.

This blog covers the major digital marketing trends that are shaping the industry in India. By leveraging these key trends, businesses can boost brand awareness, drive higher conversions, and maximize return on marketing investment.

Trend 1: Video Marketing is the Future

Video content has been growing at an explosive pace across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Per recent statistics, video advertising will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2022. For brands, the power of using strategic video marketing is multifaceted:

Higher engagement: Videos evoke a more visceral response and help brands connect deeply with the audience. Videos see much higher engagement metrics compared to other forms of content.

Improved SEO: Videos embedded on landing pages can lead to higher ranking potential in search engine results.

Increased reach: Creative videos can go viral quickly on social media, allowing brands to tap into new audiences.

Cost-efficiency: Video ads have a lower CPM compared to other ad formats. Short video ads on social media provide more value at a lower production cost.

To maximize impact, brands must invest in creating original, high-quality video content tailored to resonate with their target audience and aligned to platform algorithms. Partnering with a video production company can help generate captivating video marketing campaigns across channels.

Trend 2: Adopt Voice Search Optimization

The adoption of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant is rising exponentially in India. Experts predict that voice searches could account for 50% of total internet searches by 2023. This shift to voice presents an opportunity for brands to optimize content for voice search results. Key benefits include:

  • Featured in results for relevant voice queries
  • Ability to connect conversationally using natural language
  • Build relevance in the voice-first world

Brands need to identify relevant long-tail conversational keywords and optimize pages for semantic search. SEO companies in Pune recommend creating natural-sounding responses, optimizing for long-tail questions, and expanding the breadth of content. With voice search optimization, brands can establish a presence in the voice platform and reach new customers.

Trend 3: Incorporate Immersive Technologies Like AR

Augmented reality neatly integrates digital elements into the real world, blending both effectively. According to research, global AR adoption will grow 200% by 2022. Forward-thinking brands should tap into this by building creative AR experiences, such as:

  • AR-powered product trials – Customers can digitally try products before purchase
  • Personalized recommendations – AR filters provide tailored product suggestions for shoppers
  • Interactive brand engagement – AR games and filters that consumers can share on social media

By innovating unique AR-based marketing, brands can boost engagement, increase conversions, and differentiate from the competition. The key is to identify applications of AR that provide value to customers rather than using it as a gimmick. Partnerships with AR developers can produce novel solutions tailored to brand objectives.

Trend 4: Become Data-Driven with Marketing Analytics

In today’s digital landscape, data should fuel every marketing strategy and decision. With the right analytics, brands can unlock game-changing insights on customers, campaigns, platforms and more. Some key applications of analytics include:

  • Budget allocation – Identify the highest ROI channels and optimize spending.
  • Campaign enhancement – Pinpoint successful elements and eliminate ineffective tactics.
  • Customer analysis – Develop targeted segments and personalize engagement.
  • Opportunity discovery – Uncover growth possibilities and new revenue streams.

To leverage analytics, brands need the right tools and skills. Digital marketing company in India recommends investing in analytics software and platforms for collecting, managing and making sense of data. Besides reports, predictive models and forecasts can be built to sharpen strategies. Upskilling teams for data proficiency is equally crucial.


These four trends present immense potential for brands to accelerate digital marketing success in India. By focusing on video content, voice search optimization, new technologies like AR, and data-driven analytics, companies can boost brand authority, engage customers, and increase conversions. Partnering with the best SEO company in Pune that offer capabilities across these emerging marketing channels is an astute move to stay competitive. With a forward-thinking approach, continuous agility, and smart adoption of trends, businesses can achieve multifold growth.

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