How to Grow the Number of Likes and Make Your Instagram Video Blog Big 

Winning is kind of indigenous in a competitive environment. That’s the same in all the domains of life. For people who are creating a vlog on a platform like Instagram, the road to success is long and needs a lot of dedication. The world’s biggest platforms for hosting videos such as YouTube and Vimeo are best known for being a homeland for many bloggers out there, but what about Instagram, the app famous for exhibiting photos and short lifestyle clips?

How to grow the number of likes and make your Instagram video blog big 33It would be madness for Instagram to ignore the growing role of video content, and that’s why they have introduced a layer of new features like stories and IGTV, which have become extremely popular in recent times. The popularity of IGTV has risen to a bar where companies have been manufacturing dedicated IGTV cameras for mobile.

These companies understand the kind of increase Instagram will see in their audience in the future. It is clear that the app and its users are riding the same wave of trends – right now dozens of video blogs (or how they call it “vlogs”) that were earlier using their primary platform like YouTube, are now shifting to IGTV and Instagram to gain more view counts.

During the most recent years, Instagram has shown itself as an authoritative source of traffic and a fresh spring of cash flow. That realization was the underlying motive for many to join Instagram and start blogging, so right now, the competition is more than just great – it is literally extreme. That’s why having a video blog on Instagram is not enough in 2020.

What had been an easy game only a few years ago, is a tough ride now, even for the experienced ones. Today’s challenge is to bring trendy and desirable content to the table and make a name for yourself. Instagram has been the most significant contributor for bloggers, vloggers, and other professionals to attract a large number of the crowd to get promotional offers from companies.

In fact, as per a recent study, Instagram is more effective for promoting business than other social media platforms. It is why you would often see professionals asking you to join their Instagram handle, as it is more profitable and a significant source of visitors and subscribers. In fact, the number of people viewing such videos has tripled on Instagram over a few years. It shows how Instagram has been moving towards a well-developed video and visual platform apart from Vimeo and YouTube.

Instagram has been the home for some of the most popular models, actors, content creators, influencers, and much more. If you look closely, it is very evident that getting millions of followers on Instagram is much easier and faster than getting millions of subscribers on a platform like YouTube.

There are several techniques and ways of growing the desired metrics of your vlog to make it accessible. Some of them use organic methods, others are known for paid improvements, and if implemented in one strategy, both ways are fruitful and show good results. Here we shall discuss how we can improve our Instagram account and how to buy Instagram likes to give your video posts the boost they need.

The Basics of Growing Your Instagram Vlog

These are some of the standard starting tips, which can help your vlog win on Instagram and to make your account visible in your niche.


Register for a business account on Instagram or edit your existing profile’s settings to switch it to a business account. A business account on Instagram has lots of marketing features that are not available if running a personal Instagram account. These features will help you to create your social identity on Instagram and spread it among the digital audience.

The first step would be to learn all the business account features on Instagram. Understand all the functions and find out how to operate the statistics. This will help you to use it to promote your account. It is essential to find a way to increase your online visibility to improve the view count of your post, which will automatically increase your followers.

You will have to spend dedicated time to understand all the features that can boost your content on an Instagram business account. A business account on Instagram can be linked to your Facebook account as well. Once you share any content on Instagram, it can automatically be shared on your Facebook page as well.


Branding - Instagram video blog article 43Branding is a must for today. If you don’t have a marketing kit yet, it is the best time to have one. Hire a designer and create a unique logo and style that represents the name of your company. Starting a website would be the right idea for your brand. It is essential to get familiar with the basics of branding and marketing, and how to integrate them. This will help you step in the right direction from the start.

Building up a strong foundation will make it easier for you to promote your Instagram account. Building up your brand is the only way people recognize you. Therefore, having a unique color theme and design for your logo is a must, so that people can remember your channel.

Other social media platforms

If you’re aiming to make your video blog famous on Instagram, don’t miss out on all the other social media platforms. Start an account on each of those and link all of them. Use the same name, the same logo, and colors, and the same branding and hashtags, so you will make it much easier for people to find your blog everywhere.

An excellent example of taking advantage of other media would be turning to YouTube – the most significant video hosting platform available for creators. Posting videos and teasers would help you attract visitors to your page. Also, you can create a business page on Facebook and link it with the business account on Instagram.


Two minds are always better than one, that’s the primary reason why you have to start looking for someone to collaborate with. Working with some famous names in the industry, big brands, and celebrities will surely make your video blog more visible and take it to the next level. Apart from getting into some big-name light, you will find something new to learn from the experienced and famous content creators.

Get more likes and views on Instagram

So, you want to get your videos to shine on Instagram. All the ideas above are necessary to comply with, and everything you do will be dedicated to finding new ways of getting more likes and views. If you take a look at some leading vlog accounts on Instagram, you will realize that they have more followers, likes, and views than any other platform.

It’s also now possible to get automatic Instagram likes through a variety of different services, just be sure to do your research on them and choose the provider that best suits your needs.

Get more views 0-33As a matter of fact, these metrics are the blood and veins of Instagram, it’s alpha and omega. Here the rule is pretty simple: the more you get, the more you’re getting.

It is surprising how some Insta bloggers can get several likes on an ordinary post, are all those natural? You might have asked yourself the same question many times. This is because there are a lot more posts and videos on Instagram that have a unique concept, better photos, and content. The reason for many likes & views on an ordinary post is due to the numerous followers & popularity of Instagram Influencers.

You can try to use natural methods for gaining likes and views. It might require you to wait for the jaded audience of Instagram to recognize you, but your competitors most likely will boost their posts and leave you no chance to be the first on the finish line. Unfortunately, uploading high-quality videos, engaging your viewers, and having the right content is just not enough. That’s why you should turn to paid improvements and buy Instagram likes and views to get instant results!

It’s been a long since this approach became mainstream and trendy in the eyes of influencers and content creators. The absolute majority of today’s Instagram celebrities and famous brands were spotted buying likes, views, followers, and even comments to their publications from time to time to reach the top quickly. Nowadays, the process is trusted, and you can easily find a lot of individuals and companies doing it. However, whether to employ that method or not is entirely up to you.

But we can conclude that for the success of your Instagram account in 2020, you will have to showcase your skills correctly, so that more and more viewers are attracted, to add likes and views on your videos!

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