Link Building Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Marketing Campaign

In the digital age, every business owner is aware of the importance and impact that a solid marketing campaign can have on the success of your business. There is no way to guarantee the success of a marketing campaign other than to leverage your marketing strategies properly. This means that it’s not really about the number of strategies you employ, but rather how well you execute them. 

Link building is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic for your site and to create functional and mutually beneficial partnerships with the publishing sites that you work with. However, it can be an expensive mistake if done poorly. Here are some link-building mistakes you should be sure to avoid.

Neglecting Quality for Quantity

The latest update to Google’s algorithm places a premium on the quality and relevance of content. This is especially important for niche topics; While high-quality content takes more time and skill to write, there are companies like that are adept at link building.

Writing Walls of Text

While high-quality content will often contain a lot of information, there needs to be a middle ground between an informational piece and readability. A long-form article may contain a lot of valuable information, but if it is poorly formatted, and if the exposition of ideas is convoluted, the viewership of the content will suffer. Tastefully-made infographics, proper formatting, and a good exposition are the key ingredients for readable long-form content.

Buying or Selling Links

Google discourages the buying and selling of links. In fact, those who get caught will almost always get banned from search engines. The reason behind this is that search engines inherently prioritize natural links. Buying and selling links is treated as spamming. 

Putting Focus On No-Follow Links Over Do-Follow Links

While No-follow links are useful for making your profile look more natural, they serve little to no purpose in improving SEO. Do-follow links are a far better use of your time and money because these links hold more weight. Both from a reader’s perspective and from that of search algorithms.

Overlooking PR Link Variation

While there’s nothing wrong with sourcing the bulk of your backlinks from high PR sites, there needs to be a balance between high PR and low PR backlinks to make your profile seem more natural. Genuine content will always have a healthy mix of high PR and low PR backlinks.

Using Irrelevant Links

Besides PR levels, it’s also important to consider the relevance of the links relative to your industry. A low PR site that caters to your niche will have an impact that’s just as good, or better, than what you’d get from a high PR site that isn’t related to your industry.

Building Too Many Links Too Quickly

If you build too many links too quickly, the search engines may mistake you as a link farm, which will prompt them to reduce your ranking, or even deindex your websites and those that used your links. Link building is a continuing process that takes time to achieve.

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Link building entails a lot of work before you’re able to pull it off. Part of acquiring mastery of your entails knowing what mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Alternatively, you can also choose to work with link-building experts.

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