5 Link Building Rules That Assure Success For Your Strategy

Link building rules - image 44Link building is one of the most vital strategies to get your website on the top of search engine rankings. Contrary to the popular belief, it is much more than building a bunch of random links here and there to make way to the top. Rather, you need to come up with a robust and result-oriented strategic plan to build links that actually generate quick, valuable and sustainable results. Here are some rules that you can follow to create a strategy that ensures success for your website.

Rule #1: Publish quality content that attracts links naturally

Primarily, you should focus on churning out great content that has the potential of attracting backlinks naturally. The idea is to strengthen and diversify your backlink profile with genuine and relevant links from reputed sources. Quality content will naturally get rewarded because reputed blogs and websites are willing to publish it and give you backlinks in return.

Rule #2: Acquiring links too quickly should be avoided

Even though the job of a link building agency is to get links for you, an experienced one will not push hard to acquire them too quickly. This is because the rate at which links are acquired matter to the ranking algorithm. A high link velocity can have you penalized by Google and your site might suffer rather than gain from the strategy. Similarly, buying backlinks is a bad idea as it can lead to a penalty.

Rule #3: Consistency is essential for success

While keeping an optimal pace for link building is recommended, being consistent is equally crucial. The best approach is to build quality back link at a slow and steady pace, while ensuring that you prioritize niche-relevant and high-authority sources to acquire them. Consistent efforts will go a long way in diversifying your link profile, making you rank high and stabilize your positioning there as well.

Rule #4: Varying the anchor text is crucial

Make sure that you follow the norms of anchor text optimization as a part of your link building strategy. Of course, you will be tempted to use target SEO or branding keywords in the anchor text for ranking benefits but diversity is critical to making your link profile strong enough. Therefore, your team should make sure that anchor text is well-optimized according to the recommended guidelines.

Rule #5: Avoid building irrelevant links in bad neighborhoods

Another rule that you must absolutely follow as a part of your strategy is to ditch irrelevant links in bad neighborhoods. These include porn websites, sites that use black hat SEO, gambling sites, thin content sites and foreign language sites that are not related to your website. These may get you results to begin with but ultimately will lead to penalty by Google.

Following these link building rules can take your site to the top sooner than you expect. And the best part is that sticking to them also assures that you will be able to sustain your ranking up there.  Therefore, it is recommended to join hands with an agency that knows the nuances of link building and follows its ethics with commitment and integrity.

Link building, targeted emailing, SEO, and other similar strategies are part of what we refer to today as online marketing, digital marketing, or Internet marketing.