Link-building tactics and their importance

Link building is a process of external website optimization associated with building a resource link profile. In order to increase the presence of their site in the vastness of the search query, webmasters spend a lot of time working out their link mass in detail. An effective link building strategy is one of the most important conditions in order to get the proper attention from consumers.

The site ranking algorithm is based on the link weight, which depends on the resource that places this link. The more authoritative a resource is in the eyes of a search engine, the more weighty is its recommendation in the form of a link. In order to take possession of such a powerful promotion tool and learn how to use it correctly, it is advisable to visit the website of a highly qualified company that specializes in this.

A variety of effective link building strategies


Outreach is a method of promoting an online business. It consists in establishing contacts with sites, exchanging content and links.

Stages of quality outreach:

  • selection of sites suitable for business;
  • creation of high-quality email distribution to the owners of trust resources;
  • control over email newsletters, work to improve its effectiveness;
  • communication with site owners, bloggers, journalists by building a chain of outreach letters;
  • creation and publication of content with a link to the promoted resource.

Half of the success depends on properly built communication with the owners of Internet resources. Composing a letter that people will want to open, read and reply to it, especially in a highly competitive environment, is a great achievement.

Guest blogging

This is one of the classic link-building tactics. Guest blogging is the posting of your content on the websites of other companies, preferably related to your niche.

Typically, content authors include links to their sites in guest posts, thus combining guest blogging with link building. This is an effective method of driving traffic.

Niche collaboration is beneficial for both site owners and guests. Large companies often invite partners to post educational materials on their blogs and, in turn, publish articles of authorship on other sites.

Crowd marketing

Over the past two years, crowd marketing has become a full-fledged tool for Internet marketers and SEO specialists to promote websites. In short, in simple terms, the main mechanism in this method is to increase brand awareness by creating its authority in narrow circles. Marketers are trying to take control of public resources such as reviews, recommendations, and personal opinions on the internet. And with the help of these resources, create a certain brand image and popularize it. But without agitation and unequivocal hints.

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