How To Do LinkedIn Endorsements: Steps and Benefits

“Knowing how to give and get LinkedIn endorsements is a major factor in achieving recognition for your business or job position. If you are searching for a new job, having more endorsements can help you win a highly desirable employment position. Just by following a few simple steps, you can greatly enhance your profile’s visibility while doing the same for other site members.”

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The Function and Value of LinkedIn Endorsements

Endorsements on LinkedIn are important factors that contribute to the impact of your member profile. The endorsements feature enables your LinkedIn connections to visit your profile to endorse your expertise in specific business skills. At the click of a button, your friends, coworkers or former employers can endorse you for a skill or ability. They can also enter endorsements for multiple skills.

These endorsements serve as valuable support for your current and previous work experience and performance. They are influential additions to your online résumé and can help you win a desirable new job position. If you own a business, endorsements can attract new clients and customers. There are currently approximately 11 billion member endorsements appearing on LinkedIn, which is evidence of how beneficial this type of support can be.

Using LinkedIn Features for Giving and Receiving More Endorsements

To receive more endorsements on your LinkedIn profile page, build your network and communicate frequently with connections. By using the LinkedIn Automation Tool provided by Dooozen, you can easily stay in close contact with connections. You can also keep your network members updated on your business-related advancements and achievements.

This encourages more members of your network to visit your profile and endorse your skills. It helps you discover that your business associates and coworkers are pleased to give you endorsements for your accomplishments. They just need to be kept informed about your newly acquired skill sets or career advancements. Staying in contact with network members and new connections on LinkedIn will also inspire you to visit the profiles of other members to endorse their skills.

Do More in Less Time with the LinkedIn Automation Tool

The LinkedIn Automation Tool can help you build and manage your network of contacts quickly and efficiently. This advanced tool enables you to send automated connection requests to new contacts. It also assists you in sending frequent updates as automated messages to your network members. With the use of this automation aid, you can personalize messages and send multiple messages.

As a result, you will send out more connection requests and more frequent followups. You can even launch an entire campaign that includes multiple steps within just a few minutes with automation. Imagine how much time these tasks require when you perform them manually. This helps you appreciate how much valuable time you can save by using this automation tool.

How to Give Endorsements on LinkedIn

Giving endorsements on LinkedIn is not a complicated process. In fact, it is easy to endorse your network members and connections. You can accomplish this efficiently by following these simple steps:

  1. Search for the Person You Wish to Endorse. Locate the profile of the LinkedIn member you want to endorse using the site’s search bar. You can also select the name in your list of connections.
  2. Visit the Person’s Profile Page. Next, visit the profile page of the person you want to endorse on LinkedIn and scroll down to the “Skills and Endorsements” area. Choose the skill that you wish to endorse and click on the plus sign (+) that appears beside it.
  3. Complete the Endorsement Form. Fill out the brief form that appears when you choose a skill. You can select from the three choices for endorsement level: “Good,” “Very Good” or “Highly Skilled.” You then have the option of listing your relationship to the person you are endorsing.
  4. Submit Your Endorsement. By clicking “Submit,” you can finalize your endorsement.

After you submit your endorsement, the endorsement tab will appear in the “on” position beside the skill that you endorsed. The LinkedIn platform allows you to give 150 endorsements within a 24-hour period. Always use the endorsement feature with professional discretion and responsibility.

How to Become Highly Skilled on LinkedIn

You can become highly skilled as a LinkedIn user by learning about and using all of the site’s major features. Understand and make use of such features as Sales Navigator, the LinkedIn Automation Tool and InMail.

These and other features and functions provided by the site will enable you to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. You can communicate with more site users faster and with much less effort than when using manual methods. You will also save valuable time that you can use to build and promote your business or working career.

How People Receive Large Numbers of Endorsements on LinkedIn

Receiving LinkedIn endorsements is a major way of gaining a stronger and more credible professional image and persona. These endorsements can have a significant impact on winning new employment positions. These affirmations of support can also bring new clients to your business if you own a company.

You and other site members can gain more endorsements by taking the following two actions:

Strengthen Your Profile

It is essential to have a well-composed, clear and concise profile. It should reveal all of the major job positions, advancements and most important features of your career. It should also include all of your acquired and relevant industry skills.

If you have had an active career path involving more than one profession or area of business, include them all. Make sure that your profile photograph is recent and that you are the only person in the picture. The image should be a high-quality head-shot, although it need not be taken by a professional photographer.

Endorse Other LinkedIn Members

When you endorse your network members and connections on LinkedIn, they usually endorse you as well. Many of the people you have worked with and for are LinkedIn users also. Why not do one another the professional favor of giving and receiving endorsements?

You can give one another a helpful boost toward greater business recognition and success.This is true whether you currently work for an employer, are interviewing for a new job or own your own business.

Using LinkedIn InMail Tips for Giving and Getting More Endorsements

When you make good use of LinkedIn InMail Tips, you can make more contacts through messaging on the site. LinkedIn InMail makes it possible for you to send messages to site users who are not members of your network. InMail is available as a paid site feature in Sales Navigator and for all Premium site members.

Using Sales Navigator, you can send out 20 InMail messages each month. You accomplish this with the use of credits. If you have some unused credits at the end of a month, you can use them during the next month. The only requirement is that you must use all credits within 90 days of the date they are issued.


When you understand the value and benefits of giving and getting LinkedIn endorsements, your profile will gain more views. You will help other site members gain greater visibility and credibility through increased profile views and contacts. They, in turn, will do the same for you. By using such site tools and features as Sales Navigator, the LinkedIn Automation Tool and InMail, you can contact more site users effectively and efficiently.

You can make connections quickly, saving valuable time for other aspects of your job or business. As an experienced LinkedIn member, you will fully appreciate the great value of endorsements for all site members.

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