Lithium Ion Technology Solution for Powering Industrial and Commercial Equipment

BSLBATT is a well-known manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries with headquarters in China. The company has sold a wide range of high-quality lithium-ion batteries for customers and clients for use in the industrial and commercial sectors worldwide. 


BSLBATT is a famed manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and offers technological solutions for industrial and commercial equipment. The company offers a wide range of batteries and sustainable solutions to address the specific needs of clients. The lithium-ion batteries produced by the company focus on low cost and high returns during each charging session and can give a maximum performance during the time. According to the company’s report, their lithium-ion batteries have a 20 to 40% lower cost of ownership and have up to ten times longer lifespan when compared to lead-acid batteries. Further, lithium-ion batteries also cost 45 to 50% less than lead acid batteries. All batteries are compact and therefore have no requirement for a separate battery room. The batteries leave a 40 to 50% lower carbon footprint when compared to lead batteries. 

Customers get the best offers as the batteries are known for their high-quality and they eliminate the dangers of leakages and risks of gases and acids. The batteries offer sustainable solutions for all industrial equipment and the company is particularly famed for its lithium ion forklift battery which gives very high performance. 

BSLBATT Battery Packs 

The R&D facility at BSLBATT is one of the best high-tech facilities in the world where highly skilled and experienced engineers and scientists focus on producing break-through technology batteries that are more economical for human purposes. The researchers are putting in more effort to bring out the most advanced industrial lithium battery to power all kinds of equipment more efficiently. 

Currently, the company’s products comply with 

UL2580/UL1973/UN38.3HS/IEC62133/CE/CB standards and its sales have increased multifold with more dealers selling the products at their locations in other countries. The company has over 36 battery distributors globally and is looking at enormous growth in the area of lithium ion batteries. The replacement market for lithium-ion batteries has grown phenomenally as the current high-level batteries are shaped through cutting-edge modular technologies. 

The company already offers a full range of industrial forklift batteries that have huge energy reserves, weigh lower than other batteries, are pretty easy to install, and last for a long time compared to batteries of other manufacturers. 

Profitable Dealership

Clients wishing to partner with the company can browse their official site and get into an agreement for a profitable venture. Due to the above reasons, the company has become accepted as the best industrial lithium battery manufacturer in China and other countries. 

Apart from forklift batteries, the manufacturer produces batteries to power mobile scooters, golf carts, wheelchairs, UTVs, ATVs, etc. All these are plug-and-play modular batteries that perform without any hassles. Again, all the batteries are easy to install and clients can even replace the same for their end customers without any risk. 

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