Live Betting Software Solution For Business

Live betting, also known as in-game or in-play betting, is a fundamental part of the sports betting industry. As opposed to pre-match bets, live bets allow you to fine-tune your odds and bets during the match.

If we go back a few years, the sports betting platforms only provided pre-match bets and odds for punters around the world. As the name suggests, a pre-match bet is the placed hours, even days before the match taking place.

Once the world was introduced to live betting, everything changed. And we’re going to explore the benefits of live betting along with how you can utilize a live betting solution from NuxGame. For a detailed acquaintance with the solution, visit

No Need to Panic

When an average punter makes a pre-match bet, he or she must do extensive research on the sport and the teams. Going over previous analytics is the only way to determine whether you can trust your bet or not.

But we cannot change the course of fate. Even the best teams and players have bad days. It’s worse when a player has a bet on his/her favorite team on that day. It can ruin the enthusiasm for any more betting which is not a good thing for you if you own the sportsbook.

That’s where live betting comes into play. The live betting suite from NuxGame allows live sports operators to integrate with your website and let the bettors make changes to their bets in real-time.

Hence, the element of panic is eliminated with a live betting option. Even if the match is going out of hand, your audience can tweak the bets to recover some of their losses. It’s definitely safer than pre-match bets and it can bring in a lot of new prospects to your business.

Live Betting Gives You an Edge Over the Competitors

One of the reasons why this is the perfect time to invest in a live betting suite from NuxGame is that it’s not widely available. Numerous online sports betting platforms offer pre-match betting, but not all of them come with live betting options.

For an average sportsbook, it takes time for the operator to change the odds of a game. But as the match is progressing in real-time, you cannot expect an operator with no in-play betting features to cope up.

And you can utilize this opportunity to gain an upper hand in the industry. As you’ll be offering live bets, more people will prefer your platform over others to minimize the risks of losing money.

Also, it takes away the legwork of research and room for anticipation. It can be particularly challenging for new players who don’t have enough experience to make the right decision at the right time. You’ll be attracting players of all different experience levels with a live betting solution.

NuxGame Live Betting Solution

Now that you understand the importance of live betting, let’s shed some light on why NuxGame is the best platform to make it happen.

  • Turnkey Solution

With NuxGame, you can use the live betting software as a standalone service or as an integration to your existing platform. Whatever you might want to do, the company offers complete flexibility and customization on software. Any of the software solutions can be deployed in as early as 48 hours.

  • Seamless Wallet API

A useful window to connect our platform with the client portal. You can keep an eye on all the sports odds APIs you integrate with your platform in an iframe-like interface. It’s very helpful if you already have an online casino or sports betting platform. With a few clicks, you can integrate the iframe API to your site and start earning. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients.

  • Sport Engine

The Sports Engine from NuxGame can be integrated with the live betting solution to make a very immersive virtual sports betting experience. The bettors can bet and change the best on virtual sports in real-time. Now that’s a recipe for a new player influx.

Final Words

Considering the unheard-of advancement in Internet technology over the last decade, it’s safe to assume that live betting is the future of sports betting. Rather than doing a lot of guesswork, your players will enjoy the ability to make adjustments to their bets in real-time. And you can be the pioneer in making that happen with NuxGame.

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