5 Ways Live Chat Software will Increase Your Auto Sales 

When you add live chat to your dealership website, it does more than give your company the chance to talk to customers online. A powerful chat application designed by a company that specializes in dealership marketing and sales online will change the entire way that your web presence functions. Here are 5 things that will facilitate better auto sales when you add a live chat service to your dealership website:

1. Get to Know Your New Customers 

There’s a big difference between the potential customer that enters your physical dealership location and the potential customer that’s browsing online. By far, the most distinguishing feature is that you can see and communicate with an in-house customer in the old fashioned manner. Your sales team is likely already talented and proficient at building new customer relationships in house, and that’s why you need a means through which to bring those skills to bear on online sales.

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2. Guiding Sales 

When customers access your website, they’re often looking to see what’s available and to do research about their purchasing options. Live chat works as a conversational commerce platform, which can allow your sales team to jump into the conversation to offer unique incentives and newly crafted deals designed specifically for that customer. It also allows your team to post photos and video to further detail the vehicles being discussed.

3. Turning Web Traffic into Invested Customers

When a potential new customer arrives on your website to do research, they are not yet loyally committed to your dealership. In fact, a large part of the research they are likely to conduct will have to do with comparing your prices, special deals and services with a number of websites owned by your competition. This presents your business with a large opportunity to turn web traffic into invested new customers by using live chat to begin the kinds of conversations that happen in the physical dealership. 

4. Building Better Leads

After you install live chat on your website, one of the things that you quickly learn about live auto dealer chat software is that it works in collaboration with a variety of other dealership sales and marketing applications. You can get new customers invested in your dealership by offering digital financing and insurance applications and using your live chat software to provide advice every step of the way. 

5. Linking with Social Media

With the latest offerings in dealership online software, you can also influence shoppers and facilitate sales by linking your website to virtual retailing with sites like Facebook marketplace.

When you have the capability to use live chat to start a discussion about the kind of vehicle that an online shopper is interested in, it provides your sales team with an opportunity to guide that customer to a selection of vehicles they want at a price they can afford – thus turning random online traffic into powerful new leads. Try out the new generation of dealership software today to get started on generating sales like never before.


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