Best Living Room Curtains Ideas

The living room is an important place in any house. It is the place where guests are welcomed and served., so it should be designed in a way that impresses every visitor. For this purpose, they need frequent up-gradation and everyone is aware that up-gradation of the house needs quite a large budget.

But there’s an up-gradation way that’ll not only save you money but also redecorate your place effortlessly. Yes, we are talking about curtains.

They are the easiest and quickest way to transform one’s place. In this article, we’ll consider the best living room curtain’s up-gradation ideas to help you boost the existing interior and bring style to it.

Embrace the light

For a luminous and alluring loom embrace lightweight sheer curtains. They are made from a transparent piece of fabric that allows all the light to come into your place making it brighter and airy that boosts up the interior features and creates a fresh and artistic look. They do not allow all the light and filter out a limited portion preventing glaze and sun damage.

This keeps the living room’s furniture as fresh as new for years and creates a wonderful look with plenty of natural light. Another plus point of using them is, they are easily available at affordable rates in many stores and home decor retailers.

Add a feminine pinkish touch

Pink is willingly dominating females for years, neutral pink adds a blush and pinkish glow anywhere it is added. One cannot say that pink is a girl’s color only because the colors are gender-neutral. Pink curtains are therefore nailing interiors with their opulent look and sumptuous look creating a comforting and relaxing environment.

Vibrant hues can be matched with neutral pink for a high-end look. Remember that the hues should be complementing not contrasting. Dark tiebacks and stylish hangings can be paired up with them for more of a designer look.

Introduce gold

We aren’t talking about the metal gold but the golden fabric curtains. Nothing is more dramatic and welcoming than gold drapes, they bring luminance and a traditional feel to the place. They look magnificent when hung from the ceiling to floor synonymous to melted gold falling down with all its grace with a natural sparkle and glamour. They add a soothing and soft touch to the place.

Heavy gold drapes will filter out excess light balancing the amount of light. Another plus point of them is, they prove to be a subtle addition to the living room because of their ability to create a perfect luminary and relaxing environment.

You can pair them up with an Isfahan or traditional Greek rugs for an enriched and royal look.

Make your place look more masculine

Strong, bold, and soft colors look more feminine. So forget them and add a masculine touch with neutral and dull drapes to the living room. Neutral silver, dark grey, space grey, and charcoal grey ate the best go-to choice for a masculine and moody look.

They create a timeless charming look like the one you have seen in movies. But beware, do not add everything grey or you’ll make your place dull and boring feeling more dingy than unique. Stick to medium hues and minimal designs.

Also, stick to the base color of the interior for a monochromatic and uniform look. Sticking to the base color you can vary the shades of soft furnishing and furniture inside the place.

If you are thinking of a combination, opt for off white and black because they perfectly match with grey. So either you stick to the grey base color only or pair it up with a complementing color, you’ll end up with a strong moody look.

Bring texture with patterned drapes

Patterned curtains make a huge difference when compared with plain ones. They introduce a countryside chic appeal and intrigue the viewers. They are a great way to add personality to an ordinary interior and make windows the focal point.

Bold prints mesmerize the visitor and add a glamorous touch. They are the best way to add a refreshing and a grownup feel making a statement to the interior and windows. To get the best possible look, hang them high from the ceiling and let them touch the floor. No one can ever get over the bold floral, pestle, 3d, geometric, and jacquard, which are improving day by day with innovative printing techniques.

Printed drapes bring a textured feel and inject a sophisticated touch. They are ideal for any living room that either has modern or traditional interior. As for the color schemes, add vibrant and bold prints against muted and neutral hues. On the contrary, muted ties and hangings can be used with bold patterned curtains to balance the look. Note that do not go overboard choosing colors, mix and match the neutral and brighter tones for an appropriate and fascinating appeal.

Add a bordered panel

Bordered curtains usually have dramatically complementing or contrasting colors, people often do not love trying them because they fear that they may look old or the colors will not suit their place. Designers and professionals suggest that rightly mixed and matched colors feature a more modern look than patterned or blackout plain curtains.

Bordered panels create an illusion of a larger, broader, and expensive place. It is worthy to note that horizontal borders make the place appear broader whereas vertical borders make the same place appear more heightened creating an illusion of high ceilings.

The key is to go for panels having perfectly complementing colors. Neutral colors are usually the best go-to because they create an effortless unifying yet dramatic appeal. They look great no matter if your windows are larger or smaller. Bordered drapes are the best alternative to printed drapes having some additional benefits as well.

In the final section, we advise you to think thoroughly through each idea and figure out which will work best in your living room before buying the one.

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