Guide to Local Business Page Setup on Google

Business Page Setup on Google image 444If you are just coming to grips with local SEO, a GMB (Google My Business) listing is a good place to focus on your early initiatives.

All things considered, when people find a service or product near them on Google, they are usually very close to making a purchase — one out of two people who carry out a local search visit a store on that day. It is important that the details describing your company that show up when people google are as complete, optimized, and accurate as possible.

To find out how to create your Google My Business account, verify your company and make its listing as powerful as possible, follow the following steps.

7 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Google My Business

  1. Visit  and click “Get on Google.”
  2. Create your Google account for sign in.
  3. Search for your company in your area by address and name.
  4. Once you’ve found your correct business type and location, click on it.
  5. Google will instantly create your business page with the address you entered. Check the statement about the authorization of your business, and that you are the original sole proprietor to manage this business and click “Continue.”
  6. Google will require you to validate your company, so click “Mail me my Code.” The code will be delivered to your business location.
  7. Congratulations are in order! You have set up GMB for your company!

GMB Listing Optimization

Once you have verified your company, you’re ready to finish fleshing out your account. Visit the GMB dashboard, click the listing you would like to use, click “Info,” and then choose a particular section to update.

Add as much media and information as possible, such as the area you serve, a business profile photo, your business hours, features, a public phone number, website URL and the year or day you opened.

  • Cover Photo: Your GMB cover photo is actually one of the most vital things because it shows up center and front on the listing.
  • GMB App: GMB is available in an app for both Android and iOS.
  • GMB Reviews: This is the most effective way to motivate future prospects to leave positive feedbacks. Always reply to current customers. Review management is easy as it not only leaves a valued response but shows your reviewers that you are grateful for their reviews. It can also make that positive review noticeable on your listing and influences other users to leave their own positive reviews.
  • GMB Videos: It’s also possible to add videos. Your videos must be 720p resolution or higher, 100 MB or smaller and 30 seconds or shorter.
  • Profile Photo: The profile photo shows up while you upload new videos, photos, or review replies or feedbacks. Together with your cover and profile photos, upload some other pictures to make the listing more engaging and informative.

Including your business in GMB, email targeting, SEO, and other online strategies to enhance your business are part of online marketing.