Tips and Tricks to Local SEO for Plumbers

If you run a small or large business dedicated to plumbing services, it’s necessary that you stand out from the competition to make more sales and grow your business. Nowadays, expanding your business in our digital-driven world heavily depends on your online presence. One of the best ways to get your plumbing website on top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is by optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

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SEO helps in leveraging local service businesses by seizing the customer right at the bottom of the sales funnel. The first thing on your list should be building a user-friendly website that can pop up on the top of search pages for customers who are looking for plumbing services. Plumbers can really anchor their business using SEO’s powers in driving a constant stream of customers. Here are the best SEO for plumbers to give your business a boost.

Set-up and Optimize a Website

As mentioned above, setting up a website for your business is the first step in achieving a strong online presence. Your websites should be optimized for better user experience. For example, it’s common for local business websites to have the phone number placed at the bottom of the website.

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This only forces users to go through the hassle of searching for and scrolling down to find any available contact method in order to get in touch with the business. You can avoid this mistake by placing your business’s contact number at the top of your page. This simple change can make a huge difference in your conversion rate.

Another important step in strengthening your online presence is ensuring your website is mobile friendly. This allows mobile users to easily find your services and book them.

Include Your City Name in the Title of the Page 

The process of targeting different cities and expanding your business on the map needs to be done properly, or else it can actually slow the ranking process. The first question that pops into the customer’s mind when they’re looking for plumbing services is “How can I find a plumber near me?” This is why it’s better to include the city where your business is based right in the title. This makes it easier for your business to pop up for your nearby prospects.

Also, make sure to include the city name in your home page’s title in addition to the word “plumber” in your website’s inner pages until your business manages to secure first-page visibility in your main city before contemplating expanding to other cities.

Designate and Offer Value

A method that works very efficiently is designating a page for each problem you solve and every service you provide. Tackle every issue the user might be struggling with and introduce your solutions to offer value.

This also works magically in boosting your ranking because customers always look for niche websites that demonstrate authority. That’s why single-page websites are nearly non-existent. While some customers may search for a video inspection service, others will look for how to solve specific plumbing problems. Both concerns deserve a designated page. It helps optimize your website for keywords that are related to plumbing services.

Pay Attention to Social Media

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Social media holds power more than ever. Social media is a zestful place for plumbing businesses, especially to share and connect with current and future clients. You can even take advantage of one of your business accounts and share plumbing tips with your local neighborhood group.

This significantly helps in expanding your reach and building company recognition. You can also use your Instagram account to share positive customer reviews and experiences with your services to establish worthiness.

Opt for Customer Reviews

As a business owner, you should know that customers are more likely to look up reviews before choosing any carrier or brand. This has been the case since the dawn of time where sellers and service providers depended on the powers of word-of-mouth in establishing their business reputation.

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Good reviews from your customers can boost your business visibility and put it at the top of the search engine ranking pages. Collecting these positive reviews is, perhaps, one of the best methods of SEO tips for plumbers you’ll stumble upon. Make an attempt to ask your happy customers if they can leave a review on your site. You can use Thank You emails that attach a link to your Google review page to encourage them.

Use Google Maps

Google Maps is another tool that is highly used in boosting SEO services for plumbers to anchor the brand locally. It’s also a big revenue driver for many local plumbers. You will need to set up a Google My Business profile with a strong description and multiple images. You can also do the same thing with Apple Maps and Bing as this geographic data should be accessible by your customers whenever they’re seeking plumbing services in the same region as you.

Sponsor Noble Causes

It’s true that investing in local communities helps your business in gaining a higher search engine rank. Your online presence is directly linked to your local presence. If you support and invest in a good cause, it will naturally boost your local presence. So, try investing in a local ball team to gain more exposure.

Final Thoughts

Growing your plumbing business requires standing out from the crowd by offering your customers something different from the competition. Strategically planning your SEO techniques isn’t considered an extra step. It’s crucial and essential for business growth.

SEO strategies are necessary for optimizing your plumbing website and attracting more customers to your services. Make sure to try at least one of the mentioned tips to boost your business and increase exposure in your local area. Mixing and matching these tips will give your business a chance to expand locally and, in the long run, globally.

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