Some of the Best Areas of London to Rent Office Space

Renting office space can be a tedious affair. One has to make sure that all the circumstances are met and that you get exactly what you are looking for. Many companies are not sure what they need when it comes to office space, so they end up looking aimlessly about. But there are certain things that you have to consider before you decide on a location.

Rent office space in London image for article 4First of all, the commute time is greatly important. One has to make sure that the office is situated in a favorable location and connected to all the major parts of the city via public transport.

Consider the space. At some point, you might need to expand the company and add more employees. Why start your search again when you can think ahead. Find an area that can easily be expanded by adding the needed equipment for the workers.

The commonality is another thing to consider. Competition can be great, particularly in London. So you have to consider if it would be good for you to open an office in an area where there are a lots of other people doing the same.

Now let’s consider the most favorable locations in London.

West London

The West part of London is considered its greatest business hub. It is the place where you will meet all the media personalities, musicians, developers and so on. Having an office area here opens up a lot of opportunities. It will allow your business to thrive in no time.

Besides being a favorable location for business, it already has an extensive offer of office spaces available. Also, there are experts who are prepared to help you with all your moving tasks to West London. So you have that covered and you can start your work almost immediately.

East London

The Eastside of London is popular for being a fashion area. It is there that you will find the most important players in the fashion world in London. It is arranged in such a way that there are tons of important landmarks everywhere about which makes this area unique.

As far as office space goes, it is favorable if you are working in the same industry. Since there are many fashion experts here, aiming directly at this industry will allow your business to thrive.

South London

Not many people would consider South London a great area for business. But they are immensely wrong. This area is the center where all the youth hang out. You can feel the energy in the air. Also, it is great if you are opening an up and coming company with mostly young workers there.

Another favorable thing about this area is that it’s much cheaper than the others are. Here you will find an office space which will allow you to save up some money on the renting fee.

Central London

Central London is probably the best place to rent an office space. It is the center of the city and everything that is happening is happening there. All the events and all the celebrities go through central London. Also, the biggest companies and entrepreneurs are bold enough to venture here.

However, the rental fee is much higher than in other parts of London. If you are willing to take a risk and open an office space where you might benefit from all the high-end customers that you might get. Also, there is the fact that you will be able to raise your reputation by being situated here and also being able to expand your client base as well.


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