Looking for an Influencer to Help You Market Your Brand? Check Out These Platforms

Influencer marketing has been popular for years. According to research, 46 percent of people take into account influencer recommendations when making purchases and every $1 spent on an influencer by a business brings back $6.85. Plus, according to a 2019 survey, an influencer is one of the top five dream jobs of UK teenagers.

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There are influencers out there who specialize in a huge variety of niches, from women wearing the latest clothing or other products on their Instagram pages to moms promoting baby products on their blogs. The trick is to find one who matches your brand. Here are three platforms to help you find the right influencer for the job, whatever it may be.


HypeAuditor is one of the best tools for finding YouTube and Instagram influencers. The platform allows users to search for top Instagram and YouTube influencers by their engagement and Audience Quality Score (the list of top influencers is updated on a daily basis). Plus, it is one of the few such platforms that can help you promote your business via video.

To help narrow things down, HypeAuditor lets users search influencer profiles by location, niche area, age, and gender. Entrepreneurs can also break down the list of top 1000 influencers into 14 categories and various countries.


Upfluence is a social media management tool with a huge database of over three million influencers. Some of the information that can be found on this platform includes each influencer’s location, demographics, and very specific niches, be it skinny jeans for men produced with sustainable materials or moms promoting healthy edibles. Looking for young men who wear skinny jeans or other products on their Instagram pages to moms promoting edibles on their blogs. It also shows each influencer’s posting habits.

What makes Upflunce unique, however, is its ability to spot fake influencers with a chain of fake followers – something you definitely do not want – by analyzing their engagement and reach. Plus, the platform lets users narrow their searches by using keywords (you can even place weight on the keywords that are most important to you). Users can also filter influencers by entering information such as location, social media type, and the number of followers.

In addition, the platform features a Chrome plugin, which can be used to analyze each influencer’s social media profile, including networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram – right from your browser.


BuzzSumo offers some interesting features that are not available on other similar platforms. For example, the tool lets users search for the most popular content produced by an influencer on a particular topic and find out who is sharing it. This feature is ideal if you want to check out what your competition is up to. BuzzSumo also lets users filter influencers by whether they are bloggers, journalists, or companies.

Plus, the platform offers all the usual features, such as searches using keywords and hashtags. It can also analyze each influencer’s performance and engagement level to show who are the best influencers in your business niche.

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