Looking to Transfer Your Pension?

There are many reasons for a person to transfer their pension. They could be moving abroad, changing jobs, or their pension scheme is almost closed. Whatever the reason, clients must take the proper steps to maintain a secure financial future.

When to Transfer a Pension Fund

In the United Kingdom, the optimal time to complete the transfer is any time up to a year before receiving retirement benefits. In some instances, however, transferring a pension in the U.K. is possible after having already received benefits. 

How to Transfer a Pension Fund

The first step in transferring a pension fund in the U.K. is to determine how much money is invested into it. The easiest way to determine the amount invested is by contacting a scheme administrator or pension provider. 

This individual will provide a list of items, including a document explaining the transfer value, potential exit charges, additional benefits the scheme has provided, and information regarding the new post-transfer plan.

To begin the transfer, the first step after consultation is choosing a new scheme. The new provider will then contact the old one to organize the transfer. Within six months, the fund will get transferred to the new scheme, assuming all of the documentation is correct. 

Some schemes won’t allow the entire pension transfer at once. This scenario means it’s crucial to pay close attention to the provider and the agreements established when setting up the scheme. People seeking pension services in the U.K. or wanting to transfer their U.K. pension to France should consult a financial advisor during the transfer.

There are three main kinds of pension. A defined contribution pension is the most common. Defined benefit pension has become less popular in recent years. The employer used to arrange it, which meant less financial freedom. The state pension is also a potential option but isn’t relevant regarding transfers.

Why Should I Transfer My Pension?

A pension transfer could be useful for many reasons. First, a person might have an easier time managing the fund if all the money is in one place. Leaving money in various funds or places can be stressful, especially when considering retirement.

Another reason someone might want to transfer their pension is that different schemes with varied providers may hold distinct benefits. For example, one provider could include more expensive charges than another.

Someone’s current scheme closing is also justification for a transfer. Without a pension scheme, saving for retirement is extremely difficult, especially in the U.K., so it is essential for financial security after leaving the workforce.

Whom Can I Trust?

Anyone needing pension services in the U.K. must conduct background research before choosing a new pension provider or scheme administrator. There are many scams to look out for, and even some legitimate providers aren’t ideal due to the charges they incorporate into their schemes.

Ensure that the new provider has a good reputation and watch out for suspicious practices. Some examples of red flags include unexpected phone calls. These kinds of calls could be indicative of a scam since it acts as a way for malicious organizations to take personal information from innocent people.

Another way to tell if a provider is illegitimate is if a firm does not allow a customer to call them back. In the U.K., advisors will always permit calls at a later time or date to organize the scheme and answer lingering questions.

If the firm is hard-selling, it’s likely a scam. Customers should be able to take their time and decide what’s best for them when choosing a scheme. If the company forces the individual to make a decision, they might be scammers trying to profit quickly.

Claiming to be government-backed, making promises of tax cuts or loopholes, and high return, low-risk schemes are also all ways that these fraudulent organizations can profit off of people who are looking to create pension schemes or make a transfer to the U.K.

Poor contact details can also show potential victims that an advisor is scamming them. If their contact is a mobile phone number or a P.O. box, these are good indications that the organization isn’t legitimate. 

If someone is unsure about the organization they’re setting up a pension scheme with, they should check the FCA register to see if the company they have been in contact with is on the list.


Pension transfers can be complicated and stressful if a person doesn’t do research before taking action. Prioritizing a retirement fund is a smart way to secure a safe financial future after one can afford to stop working, and it’s crucial to heavily monitor where the money is going and who it is going to.

Especially if transferring a U.K. pension to Australia or any other country, make sure the fund stays secure. 

If one takes the proper precautions, creating a new pension scheme could provide benefits and bonuses that the previous one didn’t.

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