Low code development in today’s world

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Low code system, commonly known as the (LCDP), is used for creating applications through a graphical user interface rather than the old-style hand-coded programming method. The creation of different app types requires operational applications and specific coding in addition to that. This graphical platform makes a major change in the internet world as the number of applications is rapidly increasing day by day, which helps in the fast and easy production of the applications. The LCDP originated back in 2011, and since then, it has been making life easier as it allows the contribution of a vast number of people, including people other than those with coding skills. In addition, it lowers the initial investment in the training, model setup, deployment and maintenance of the hand-coded platform, which is the main reason why it is widely used. 

Pros and cons of the low code platform

When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the low code development platform, there are more pros to this than cons, but looking into it from different aspects brings us to the stage where we can analyze its efficiency. Firstly if we look at the use of business and phone applications, we can easily see that there are thousands of apps underused, thousands are under development, and thousands of them are yet to be created. There is always high demand for app development. It will continue to be in high demand over the next few years too, but if an app is uses an old software development method, it might not meet market demands. The low code platform allows a graphical interface in which the increasing popularity of the apps for both professional and non-professional developers to run this and create apps of varying complexity. 

This will further help meet the development demand, speed up digital changes, and help automate the development process. The disadvantage is that low code development uses several companies to build up the platform, and some of those are not considered to be safe enough for the apps which gathers user data as most of the focus is on the rapid development of the applications. The security measures may be considered somewhat neglected, but a good company with proper measures can also provide good security for applications. Another disadvantage is the lower employment rate, and the quality of the product as low code development is on a large scale. Some developers question the quality, which is somewhat true because it is noticed that the traditional coding methods produce bug-free and long-running applications. 

Importance of low code development 

The low code development platform has become a necessity in today’s digital world where every small business, educational system, management, office, bank etc. require their respective apps for their users to stay connected and for their business to run digitally. Traditional app development for these sectors requires a lot of time, patience and management. Whereas in the LCDP, it is done within days and at a low cost. It uses many modern features like drag and drop features which even allows the developer to create an app without even having the proper formal knowledge about software development or coding methods.

This is the most convenient method for people to make apps for users to connect to the world during this pandemic situation. These low code development platforms have characteristics that are lacking in the hand-coded alternative, for example, LDCP has out of the box functionality which already contains the major data to create a specific app. It is not required to create an app right from the beginning. It also uses visual modelling tools, which makes the information accessible to everyone; then, it allows the cross-platform execution in which several apps can be used in each and every device. Apart from this, the platform also reports and monitors, uses core coding, drag and drop features abd scalability for millions of users to be on the same system. The list of benefits on, which indicates the importance of LCDP. 


LCDP is a must-have for development companies and software developers have to become acquainted with the systems to meet market needs. However, you must be careful using this method while developing banking apps or apps using any sort of sensitive data. All in all, it has been incredibly helpful for our evolving digital world. 

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