Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables and Their Advantages

Low profile scissor lift tables are the ultimate solution for palletizing areas and packaging lines. Their lift mechanism gives way for a closed, low height, removing the need for installing a pit. It has an optional access ramp that allows you to load a stillage or palette directly on the table using a hand pallet truck.

There are several table sizes available, and most are customizable according to your specifications, providing for different lifting heights, load capacities, etc. Low Profile scissor lift tables work best over short distances and heavier loads. They are not suited for work that needs lifting great distances.

Types of Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

There are various types of low profile scissor lift tables:

Solid-Top Low Scissor-Lift Tables

These low profile scissor lift tables have a solid table. A ramp has to be installed on the floor on one end of the table so that you can load a pallet. The pallet truck moves the pallet up on the ramp and on to the lift table.

Hollow Top Low Profile Lift Tables

The hollow top low profile lift tables have a hollow space in the table’s center, giving the table a “U” or “E” shape. Rather than use a ramp, the hollow top low profile lift tables let the pallet truck move into the hollow space and lower the pallet onto the edges of the table. This works well if the pallet sides do not contain bottom boards.

Advantages of Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

Low profile scissor lifts are very compact and useful for lifting for shorter distances, rather than great heights. This makes it useful for smaller tasks that involve very hefty loads. Their main advantages include:

Injury risk reduction

Low profile scissor lifts reduce any risks of injury at the workplace. It eliminates the need for workers to lift heavy loads. This notably reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries that keep workers away from their workstations for long periods, thus affecting productivity. They remove the risk of common repetitive strain injuries (RSI) by allowing the operators to take better positions as they work.

Better Productivity

These lift tables make work easier for the staff, which means better productivity as they can work faster. There is less fatigue due to less lifting, and staff morale is higher.

Fewer Claims

For a company, the more workman’s compensation claims there are, the less profitable a business is. The increase in safety means fewer injuries, thus fewer payouts in the form of workman’s compensation. These funds can go into providing better work conditions for the staff.


Since the low profile lifts are compact, they take up very little space, leaving you with enough space to fit several lifts if need be.

Power Utilizations

Scissor lifts have different power utilizations, and they are classified as pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical. The choice of lift chosen depends on your workload.

Heavy Loads

Low profile tables can lift hefty loads, as they do not have to lift them over long or high distances. They are very sturdy and reliable.


Low profile scissor table lifts are used in many palletizing and packaging areas. They take up little space and make palletizing easier and swifter. There are many advantages to having this equipment in your workspace, most importantly, the reduction of injuries. Injuries are the greatest threat to productivity and keep workers away from their jobs for extended periods.

When a worker is injured, they have to claim workman’s compensation, which eats away at your profits. Using the tables ensures that safety comes first, production increases, and benefits go up. Having a low profile scissor table in your workspace can only work to your advantage. Reducing worker fatigue and increasing their morale is a significant boost to their productivity levels. A happy and healthy worker will give you the best results.