A Quick Guide on How to Lower your Utility Bills with a Sustainable Home

Many people nowadays dream about having a sustainable home. Having an eco-friendly household is a result of many factors. One of them is the realization that your actions have a significant impact on the environment.

Utility bills image 444444A lot of people think that transforming the home to an environmentally friendly building is mission impossible, but if you don’t agree with them, you’re 100% correct. You can do it, and it’s not as hard as most people think.

Monthly payments for utility

On average you’ll pay around $2,200 every year for utilities. Over 50% of that money are electricity bills. Every month average American family pay $104 for electricity, $70 for water and $83 are gas bills. It is a considerable amount of money, especially for those who don’t earn much.

But even though the yearly bill’s cost might be shocking, there’s always a place for improvement. Families that are trying to use less water (around 50 gallons per day) pay even two times less money than the average household. That proves it’s possible to reduce the utility bills significantly. If you implement some changes to the way you use electricity, gas and water, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t know how to be more environmentally friendly check out these methods!

Water heaters

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Image: adapted from https://tankless.reviews/best-electric-water-heaters/

Having hot water is something that we all need. Nobody likes to take a cold shower. However, water heaters account for almost 20% of your energy bill. There are a few things that you can change in order to save more money.

First of all, decrease thermostats from 140°F to 120°F. The adjustment is small, but enough to let you feel the difference, and lower the costs. On top of that, it slows corrosion in your pipes and heater and slows the mineral buildup process.

If your water heater is over 10 years old, you should consider changing it. It is not only inefficient but can also cause impossible to repair the damage. You can replace your unit with a tankless water heater. It is the best electric water heaters improvement that you can make. It will allow you to save up to $80 every year. It is heating the water only when you need it and prolongs unit life by 20 years.

If you want to stick to a tank water heater, you should insulate it. It will limit heat loss and make the unit turn on less frequently. However, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you need assistance, make sure to use the services of a plumber.

Traditional heater tank is always working, and that’s a massive waste of electricity. You don’t need it to work overnight. Make sure that you turn it off during nights. It will let you save a lot of energy. Installing a timer allows you not only to save money but also prolong water heater life.

Reduce hot water consumption

Although it might seem banal, it’s essential for saving money. Use cold water. You don’t need hot water when you’re brushing your teeth, washing hands and so on. When you’re laundering, using cold water during the rinse cycle helps a lot. There are so many situations that you can replace hot water with cold, you don’t even realize. Try to come up with your ideas, and see how rapidly your bills go down!

Repair all the leaks

Even a small leak can cost you 7-10 gallons of water every day. A leaky faucet is something that you may ignore, but it will cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you notice any leaky faucet, fix it as soon as possible.

Get rid of energy vampires

Do you know what vampire power is? It’s every device that leech energy, even when it’s shut down. There are so many appliances in your home that drain money from your wallet. Desktop computers and laptops, printers, chargers, kitchen appliances and DVD players are just a few examples.

You have to kill all those vampires. When you’re charging your phone, unplug it as soon as the battery is full. Charging overnight is the most common mistake that many people do all the time.

If you don’t do that yet, consider using a power strip. Thanks to this device, you’re able to shut off the power to many devices effortlessly.

One more thing you can do to stop feeding energy vampires is buying energy star certified appliances. Those devices meet all energy qualifications that the Environmental Protection Agency sets. Use those products, and you’ll notice a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

If you want to help our planet, and on top of that your bank account, make sure that you follow these tips. When you notice the difference, it might even motivate you to do more for the environment.


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