Lutetium In Cancer Therapy

Creating effective methods to fight cancer is one of the leading tasks of modern medicine. Millions of people around the world need cancer treatment every year. Every patient wants to be treated with innovative methods that will cure his disease.

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Today, the most advanced countries in cancer treatment are Germany, Israel, and Turkey. Here you can easily find the most advanced medicines and equipment for cancer treatment. In addition, these countries have a lot of the world’s known doctors who specialize in treating certain types of oncology.

Treatment abroad

If you want to get the most effective treatment, you should be treated in developed countries. Germany is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best place to undergo treatment abroad. Here you will find modern equipment that allows doctors to diagnose diseases with high precision. find the most advanced medicines and equipment for cancer treatment

Thanks to a comprehensive and individual approach to each patient, treatment may be a vacation-like experience. Comfortable wards, experienced staff, and beautiful German architecture make it possible to really enjoy your treatment abroad.

Moreover, the largest number of internationally renowned doctors work here. German clinics offer the most modern approaches to cancer treatment, i.e. radiosurgery, chemotherapy, radionuclide therapy, and radiotherapy. A huge number of modern therapeutic techniques make it possible to find a treatment method for each patient.

Traditional cancer treatment

Unfortunately, most of the world still uses outdated methods to treat cancer. Surgery is still one of the most common cancer treatments in most countries. In contrast to more modern methods, traditional methods often have low efficacy and more side effects after the completion of treatment.

One of the modern methods of cancer treatment with the radioisotope of Lutetium can be taken as an example. It has been demonstrated that therapy with Lutetium is highly effective and safe for patients with cancer. In addition, with its help, it is possible to successfully fight metastatic prostate cancer.

Benefits of Lutetium

Lutetium in cancer therapy is one of the most effective and safest methods today. Moreover, according to international researches, the use of Lutetium in cancer therapy leads to a significant improvement of PSMA PET-CT results in patients with prostate cancer. The research allows the most accurate detection of the tumor and metastases.

In addition to diagnostics, the Lutetium PSMA is used for cancer treatment. Thanks to it, patients with metastatic cancer have a chance to suppress the growth of the tumor and metastatic foci. The main goal of therapy with Lutetium is detecting tumor cells due to the high prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) expression and destroying them with local irradiation. Thanks to the high affinity of the Lutetium-carrying molecule to PSMA, this method only affects the tumor cells.

Treatment during a lockdown

Despite the limitations due to COVID-19, it is possible to undergo modern treatment abroad. Thanks to the medical tourism operator Booking Health, thousands of patients have already received treatment during a lockdown.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow. The earlier you start your cancer treatment, the better your chances of success will be. Thanks to Booking Health, you can undergo radionuclide treatment abroad even during a lockdown. The company will take care of receiving invitation from a hospital, issuing visa, and receiving entrance permission.

Comfortable treatment abroad

If you think that you need to spend a lot of time and effort for treatment abroad, you are wrong. The medical tourism operator Booking Health will take care of all the issues. Due to the absence of obstacles in treatment organizing, patients are able to enjoy their treatment in one of the most technologically advanced countries.

An additional advantage of cooperation with Booking Health is the affordable prices for treatment abroad, without extra fees for the foreigners. Thus, you can save your time and money. All you need to do to start your treatment is leave a request on the company’s website. You can become one of the thousands of happy patients, who have undergone treatment in the best clinics in the world.

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