Machine Learning is driving innovation towards building solutions to make life worth living with ease

Can you remember the consumer ID of your electricity bill that you paid last month using any of the digital payment apps installed on your smartphone? You most likely cannot, but the payment app will gather all data and store it in its digital memory. It will alert you by sending notifications as the next due date for the payment approaches.

Machine Learning image 44444Can you ever speculate a movie genre movie that you bought tickets for most often over the last two consecutive years using a popular ticket booking app? Lately, you haven’t had to do this all by yourself.

The ticket booking app where you book your movie tickets from in regular intervals will do the due diligence on your behalf. It will show you what your favorite movie types are by analyzing your purchasing behavior. It will keep you updated as well with relevant recommendations plus dates of new releases, reviews, and ratings. You will get all this information tailored to what your app has worked out is to your taste.

This is how Machine Learning is revolutionizing the technology interface to reinvent an augmented user experience which is considered to be the first meaningful step taken towards realigning a more meaningful synergy between humans and machines.

Why your organization needs ML?

Machine Learning basically refers to the machine level command-line language governed by a set of algorithms integrated with statistical models which are usually being programmed into a system to help the system respond more effectively in order to execute a defined task at hand.

The whole purpose of ML is directed towards equipping a system with better analytical prowess and a cognitive capability which eventually translates a machine into something more rational in both approach and intellect that can better analyze a situation by holistically looking at the trend and patterns derived from the data critical to the situation.

The entire process of analysis is guided by a trail of logic encrypted in statistical algorithm and subsequently implanted into the DNA of the system which finally leads to leverage the efficacy of the exercise to usher in better and more scientific problem-solving.

Machine learning is part of the umbrella term AI (artificial intelligence). AI refers to smart software that thinks and behaves like humans. It learns as it goes along without requiring interventions by an AI specialist or computer engineer.

ML Solving Everyday problems

ML has now become virtually inevitable and omnipresent. It invisibly contributes to making our daily lives more comfortable and convenient than ever before. With ML having imperceptibly walked into our lives, things will never be the same again.

How many of us would dare spend a whole day without our smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Most of the apps that we download into our smartphones would not work without machine learning. We would not be able to, for example, carry out financial transactions or order meals.

ML, cloud computing, and IoT together offer solutions to almost any new system or device aimed at making our lives more easier. Learning Cloud computing or getting trained in IOT or AI will go a long way to prepare people for a sustainable, long-term career.

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