5 Must-Have Machines in Oilfield Operations & Their Cleaning

Oilfield drilling is not a one-man job. It requires the efforts from a whole team of people, each with a specific skill set. It also requires a complete set of machines to get the job done.

We have talked about important oilfield tools that are important in oilfield drilling and their cleaning details in this article. Have a look.

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Shale Shakers

The Shale Shakers is a mud-free, closed-loop oilfield tool.

The purpose of a shale shaker is to remove any unwanted debris or solids from the oil before it’s pumped to the surface. This is done by using solids control in conjunction with a variety of other oilfield tools.

The shale shaker itself can be mounted directly onto the wellhead or mounted onto a separation tank. The latter option is more common, reducing the amount of wear and tear on the equipment.


The degasser oilfield tool is a pneumatic device used to remove methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, among other gases, from drilling mud, which can be otherwise harmful to human health.

It is used to keep the drill bit free from the drilling fluid. It is also used to help the drilling bit clear the wellbore walls. The device was invented in the ’70s and has been used in the petroleum industry since.

Mud Cleaner

At its core, the mud cleaner is little more than a wire mesh with a metal spring, but it is a key piece of equipment in the oilfield, helping to keep drilling fluid as pristine as possible. How does it work? The process is simple: the cleaner is attached to a hose that pumps drilling fluid from the rig to the drill site.

As the fluid passes through the mesh, it is collected in a compartment (called go-devil) before being pumped back to the rig. The mud cleaner keeps any solids (including metal shavings, rock particles, and even sand) from entering the drill site, allowing as many of the earth’s natural resources as possible to be used for each project.

Sand Pump

A sand pump is an oilfield tool that is generally used for removing sand from oil wells. This tool has many different uses, including:

  • Removing sand from a tank
  • Removing oil & gas from a tank
  • Cleaning a tank
  • Removing large scale contaminants
  • Removing sludge from a tank
  • Removing debris that has clogged a pipeline

Stabbing Guide

The stabbing guide is one of the most versatile tools you can use for well servicing in an oilfield. It is a tool used to install wellheads in the earth’s crust and helps oil and gas production. It also helps in the conversion of tubing and casing and provides support in handling and installing equipment. It is an all-steel tool that is designed to withstand extreme pressure.

Importance of Debris Removal In These Tools: CBN Grinding

CBN Grinding Wheels - Machines in Oilfield Operations and Their Cleaning - 333
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The tools and equipment mentioned above need to be cleaned from time to time, owing to the large amount of dirt and debris they accumulate.

It is important to use the right oilfield cleaning equipment, and CBN grinding wheels can be a good option.

What is CBN grinding, you may ask? The CBN wheel is used mainly for grinding the components that are made from the superalloy. The grains are produced from the monocrystalline material, which is made from carbon and boron. The grains are hard and have a high density. The wheel can withstand high temperatures without distortion. The wheel can grind both wet and dry applications, making it ideal for removing debris from oilfield equipment.

Note: CBN is used more effectively in cleaning debris of precision instruments.

We hope this information on oilfield equipment and their cleaning was helpful for you.