Make Apps for Free with Flipabit

Mobile applications are on the rise these days. Tons of new apps pop up on the mobile scene on a daily basis, catering to users’ both business and personal needs. Have you ever wondered how to create an app and considered this venture a job for a whole team of professional mobile devs? What if we told you that, with the right tools, you can make your own mobile application? No need to be super tech-savvy or rich. Just make the most of Flipabit and create a worthy product that will succeed! Keep reading for more details.

Automated App Builder: No Coding Needed

Standardization is what makes app creation thrive. Both iOS and Android come with their SDK, thus stimulating tech specialists to create applications that boast of seamless compatibility with these operating systems. A multitude of these apps have similar elements and code particles. Think of them as bricks you can use for building your own mobile application.

These fragments are not enough, though. To craft your own app (and make it worthy), you need a solid automated app building platform. We recommend that you give Flipabit a go in this respect. This professional app-making environment is sure to aid you in bringing all your ideas to life. Moreover, it’s free, and you don’t have to be an expert in coding to succeed with Flipabit!

Quick Guide on Making Apps with Flipabit

Flipabit is an app-making platform that grants you the possibility to concentrate on the interface of your product instead of rummaging through the code. The code behind the program is already debugged and refined so that you can just go with the beautiful flow of app creation. All the tools within Flipabit are transferred onto a visual canvas to make the dev process accessible. Want to add code to your apps? You’re welcome! 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on building apps with Flipabit:

  1. Work up a UI. Utilize background images and icons that tickle your fancy. Feel free to incorporate text, pictures, interactive elements, etc.
  2. Process data. Mobile apps created within this platform are capable of making and testing API requests. Just ensure you make the necessary specifications and i.e., excel in securing connection with outside services and collect data from them (e.g., online trading stats or daily horoscope).
  3. Add animated elements and similar effects to resonate with the collected data.
  4. Have certificates and other necessary data ready to make the application function both on mobile phones and PCs.

Although you do not need specific tech expertise to work with automated app builders, some HTML savviness is a must-have. Don’t have a clue about HTML? No worries. It’s not as challenging as Chinese, so if you learn, you’ll get to grips with the fundamentals pretty fast. Some SQL knowledge is definitely going to be a bonus, too. No need to become an expert, just explore the basics. 

Cutting to the Chase: Choose Wisely

Naturally, excellent coding skills offer more possibilities compared to using any automated app builder. However, in the former case, you’re going to have to splurge on the development process and invest heaps of time in your product. If you have it all right from the very start (and are ready to risk it all), then go for it. 

In case you’re tight on time and want to approach your startup wisely (read as cost-effectively), give Flipabit a try. It’s a great way to test the waters prior to plunging in. Have anything to add on the topic? Leave a reply in the comments box below and get the discussion started. Our team greatly values your opinion. 

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