Unique Ideas to Make Your Camping More Fun and Memorable

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Shopping around for some ideas on fun outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy this summer? Why not go on a camping trip? Summer camping doesn’t have to be stressful as most newbie campers make it out to be, neither do you have to be a boy-scout/girl-scout to pull off a fun and successful camping trip. If you’ve thought about going on a summer camping adventure with your friends or family, but are afraid that your collective naivety might ruin the fun; don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. Read on for a detailed compilation of fun camping tips and hacks that you should consider for a memorable summer camping expedition.

Rent a Spacious Camping Van

Say- for instance- that you’re going camping with a large group of friends and acquaintances. In such circumstances, your small four-seat sedan will not suffice. Even if everyone has their own car, traveling separately means that you and your friends will miss out on the bonding aspect that such road trips provide. That’s where camping vans come in handy. Party buses are an even more luxurious alternative to 10 person tents or camping vans. Apart from according you and your friends a spacious ride, party buses are loved for their state-of-the-art features. The best party bus rental services even boast in-ride bars and other top-of-the-range entertainment features. Such features and amenities accord you and your mates a nice way to have some fun before you even get to your camping destination. 

Build a Homemade Tandoor Oven

You don’t want to spend your entire summer camping trip gobbling on pre-packed, ready-to-eat snacks, do you? Well, you might want to consider building a tandoor oven, for heartier campsite meal options. This traditional clay oven has- over the years- been used at campsites to prepare meat-based dishes like lamb and pork kebab, beef boerewors, and chicken tandoori. To make a tandoor oven, you’ll have to dig a 15-inch pit, then line it up using paper foil. 

Kick Back and Relax

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While this part often gets overlooked, getting some lone time to relax and meditate is one of the best ways to make the most of your camping expedition. Remember, one of the main reasons you’re going camping is to get your mind off of your daily life worries. Nature has an inexplicable way of calming the human mind and helping us chill out. That is why the best camping sites are usually those situated in serene locations. Build a hammock and spend your camping days gleefully swinging back and forth; as you read one of your favorite novels, or listening to the birds chirp. You’ll enjoy every second of it!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Whether the hunt involves finding, collecting, observing, or smelling something; scavenger hunts provide a nice way for campers to satisfy their natural urge for exploration. If you’re on vacation with your kids- for instance- you’ll soon notice that traditional daytime camping activities like cycling along nature trails and sight-seeing quickly become boring and redundant to them. As such, getting them to partake in some more engaging outdoor activities like scavenger hunts will come in handy. If your camping site is located in the woods- for instance- you could hold a nature scavenger hunt competition, with a small price incentive for whoever brings back the most species of insects and other small forest animals. If you’re camping at the beach, you could have them hunt for oyster and crab shells. This exciting campsite activity isn’t strictly for kids, though; as adults-too- can go on scavenger hunts. 

Achieving a successful and enjoyable camping experience takes a lot more than simply bringing along your camping gear and hiking boots. Try the ideas discussed above for a more exhilarating camping expedition this summer.