Make Cash and Have Fun: How to Earn Real Money by Cricket Betting

If you love cricket, you can earn money by making bets on this sports discipline. For those who want to try their luck at an online casino and sports betting, will be an optimal solution. On this platform, you can make stakes and place bets with high chances to win. To get to know how to make the most of cricket betting, read the article below.

Choose a Licensed Betting Platform

Your online cricket betting can be profitable only if you place bets on a credible platform. It should have a license that allows it to cater to India. It needs to encrypt its clients’ data with SSL certificates and keep it 100% confidential. Many sports betting projects double as online casinos.

Consider Jeetwin, for instance. It is a legit betting site that enjoys great popularity among Indian customers. It is available in desktop format and has a handy Jeetwin app for mobile devices. Jeetwin always plays fair — and by the way, it has a gambling section too.

Do Not Create Multiple Accounts

The rules of most bookmakers prohibit it. After a newbie signs up for the platform, they will need to verify their personality according to KYC standards. They need to do it to prove that they have come of age, use their own money for bets and live in a territory where they can gamble legally.

If you try to create multiple accounts, they will be banned. If you lose your password, do not try to register for the second time. Sign-in forms of most betting sites feature a Forgot Your Password? button that enables you to restore your user data in less than 1 minute. The system will send your password to your email or phone number that you indicated upon registration. You should always indicate the same user data when entering your account, no matter which device you are using.

Check the Conditions of Carrying our Financial Operations

The bookie should accept rupees or any other currency that you are planning to use for stakes. Large international platforms might accept any currency — but they would automatically convert it into EUR or USD. This means you will be losing a small commission on each of your transactions.

If you prefer cryptocurrencies, you should check their exchange rate before every transaction.

The more payment options the bookmaker offers, the better. Different payment systems have different minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals. All of them take commissions for processing your operations. You should be able to select an optimal method.

Ideally, the bookie should process its customers’ financial operations 24/7 and take no fee for that. However, most platforms depend on the working hours of banking institutions. Deposits should be instant. Withdrawal times depend on the chosen payment methods — but you should be able to get the prize the next day after you win it, using the fastest payment option.

Be Attentive When Placing Bets

Most sportsbooks do not allow their clients to edit or delete their bets once they are confirmed. Please double-check all the details of the bets that you add to your bet slip: events, odds, sum and so on.

On many platforms, you can activate the Quick Bet option. It saves your time and effort: after you click on the odds, your bet gets confirmed automatically. Never forget to disable this option when you finish your betting session!

Your bets might get canceled only on very rare occasions — for instance, if the event failed to take place or there was a technical error on the site.

Avoid Arbitrage

The term «arbitrage» denotes a situation when a person checks the odds for the same event on multiple bookmaker sites and places bets on different outcomes of the same game. No matter how the match ends, such a person will win some cash — or at least will not lose too much.

Arbitrage is an illegal betting method. The terms and conditions of most sportsbooks prohibit it straightforwardly. Bookies compile blacklists of customers who do so and share these lists among each other. Arbitrage bettors might be banned from all platforms for violating their rules.

Use Bonuses Wisely

Newbies might get a welcome gift — if they top up their balance with a certain sum, they will get a free bet. Later on, you might receive cashback or participate in a competition where you can share a large jackpot.

Before accepting an offer, read its terms and conditions attentively. Pay special attention to the following factors.

  • Wagering coefficient. When the bookie gives you money, you need to earn X times more than that sum to be allowed to withdraw your winnings. The higher the wager, the less profitable the bonus.
  • Validity period. You will need to wager the bonus within a limited period, such as 1 week. The more time you have, the better.
  • Type of bet and odds. Normally, you can use the bonus only to make bets of a certain type with certain minimal odds.
  • Discipline. Some bonuses can be applied only to a certain sports discipline, while others do not have such a limitation.
  • The maximum sum of the bet. Your bets might not qualify for the bonus if their sums are too large.

If the conditions of the offer do not seem profitable to you, you have a right to reject it.

Read Experts’ Predictions

You can find such articles on the following sources:

  • official sites of some bookmakers;
  • profile sites dedicated to betting predictions;
  • social networks;
  • personal blogs of betting experts.

Predictions cannot give you a 100% guarantee of a certain outcome. It is impossible to predict the results or other statistics of a fair game. Yet you will be able to estimate the potential of teams and sportsmen with greater accuracy.

You should never pay for predictions. All the important information is available for free. On the Internet, you might find announcements by people who would promise to send you some incredibly precise predictions to your email or in a sms if you pay them in advance. Never transfer any funds to such «experts» because they are scammers.

Follow Cricket News

You should know whether your favorite team is performing better than usual, worse than usual or on the same level as always. Maybe, some upcoming cricket stars have joined them, or they got a new coach. To stay aware of what is going on, you should watch cricket matches and read cricket news, or at least the headlines.

Do Not Perceive Betting as a Stable Source of Income

It cannot substitute your work. You should not spend your last savings on bets or borrow funds to make bets. If you suspect that you might be developing a betting addiction, take a break and self-exclude — that means, temporarily suspend your account on the bookie’s site. After the self-exclusion period is over, you will regain access to your account and the funds on your deposit.

From the onset, set your daily, weekly and monthly expenditure limits. Some sportsbooks enable their clients to install these limits in their user profiles. Once you reach the limit, you will not be able to place bets until the indicated period is over.

Final Thoughts

If you consider yourself a cricket expert, you can earn real money on online cricket bets. Conduct research and select a reputable bookie — Jeetwin seems to be a worthy option! Place bets responsibly, always expand your knowledge and enjoy your profit!

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