Make it Quick: Reasons to File Compensation Claims ASAP

Accidents at work impact an entire organization. Not only are the injured workers impacted, but the whole organization can be in shock. After providing medical care for the injured worker or workers, employers must file worker’s compensation claims as soon as possible.  This article will examine the reasons for speed and how a quick claim can benefit all parties involved.

1. It’s The Law

According to the Ontario Office of the Worker Advisor, any injury that happens at work that requires more than simple first aid is considered a work-related injury and should be reported to the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board). Employers are required to submit an Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease form within three business days of the injury.

According to the Worker’s Compensation Act, employers are also required to:

  • Provide first aid or arrange and pay for transport for medical treatment, if needed.
  • Pay full wages and benefits for the day or shift on which the injury occurred.
  • Investigate the incident and keep a record of steps taken to correct the problem.
  • Report the injury or illness to the respective WCA.
  • Provide accurate payroll information.
  • Provide an offer of suitable, modified work to allow for an early and safe return to work.

In addition, you can ask for help from a personal injury lawyer in Canada. Workers have a responsibility to file a claim with WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) no later than six months from the date of your workplace accident or the date they discover the onset of their condition.

2. It Helps Your Employees

It is essential that employees feel well cared for and supported after an injury or accident. Delaying on filing a compensation claim can send your employees the wrong message that their health and well-being are not vital to you or your company.

As well, following an injury, your workers depend on their compensation claim to help with recovery and the financial costs of their health care. Added stress from worrying about a claim is the last thing they need and could damage their fragile health that’s why it’s important to manage pain disorders. They must have the support when they need it, which is, asap.

3. It Helps with any Claims Investigation

All worker’s compensation claims will need to be investigated, ask a lawyer like Borg Galea and Associates for assistance. The longer you wait to file the claim, the harder it is for investigators to properly do their job. The delay in an investigation can also cause delays in your business, as in some cases, you may not resume operations until an investigation is complete.

Witnesses like other workers in your organization are also more likely to remember important details of the incident if interviewed soon after, rather than later. This quick timing means that the investigation is more accurate and will be more thorough.

Organizations that specialize in Safety Programs in Toronto can help with employee safety training to ensure that your workplace has the highest safety standards in place.

4. It Can Save You Money

Apart from the fact that it is against the law not to file a claim in a timely manner, it can also cost you money to delay. Each day off work for an injured employee costs a business, and by delaying a claim, you are delaying a healthy return to work. So save yourself money and file right away.

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